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Jan 2, 2017
We had a leak of what could possibly be a new user Interface of Samsung's new 2017 range of Smart TVs. Now, it seems as if we could get additional functionality which is similar to Google's chromecast already baked in. The details seem to be taken from a prematurely published app last week. Samsung has […]
Sep 30, 2016
This is a Guest post by Kamal Siddiki. The new version of Smart view SDK has just rollout. This update has an updated version of the Default Media Player (DMP), which allows new support for music, photo contents and playlists. Now, Samsung wireless speakers will also be a part of Samsung's smart view enabled devices. With this update developers […]
Dec 12, 2015
  Samsung Electronics has officially launched the NEW version of its Samsung Smart View app which is currently labelled as being a Beta release, with the full version is scheduled to be launched in early 2016. The app lets consumers share their personal content on their Smartphones with Samsung TVs and also expands on device […]

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