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Oct 25, 2015
  Are you hungry to get your hands on a Samsung Z3 but don't live in India? It is your lucky day, because handsets are starting to appear for resale on  This is happening only 4 days after the Z3 was released for online sale in India, exclusively on   Snapdeal only ships to […]
May 11, 2014
  It looks like Samsung is preparing to launch its first smartphone carrying the Tizen Operating System (OS) in Russia and India. The Wall Street Journal is hearing from its sources that Samsung is currently planning a Samsung Unpacked type of event to launch Tizen, with it being timed roughly the same time as the […]
Dec 9, 2013
  Hello .... What have we here?? Recently my BlackBerry friends had the joyful opportunity of gloating that the BlackBerry Browser had attained a score of 491. I vowed to them on that day that Tizen would return as King of the and it has with the help from a smartphone prototype with […]

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