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Dec 29, 2016
SmartThings and the Internet of Things (IoT) are both very important technologies to Samsung's Tizen ecosystem of devices, and lets be honest, a whole load of fun! Well, our readers […]
Oct 11, 2016
Samsung Electronics has today announced that it would be releasing its SmartThings-enabled kitchen appliances next month. The tech giant in its drive to expand its portfolio of Smart kitchen appliances would release […]
Apr 8, 2016
  Samsung's subsidiary brand SmartThings that's been bringing solutions for consumer and smart homes based IoT recently announced compatibility for four smart home products in the UK which include the Belkin WeMo LED […]
Mar 30, 2016
  Samsung recently announced a new Smart Lighting Module (SLM) that features a wide range of connectivity options for smart lighting solutions in cities and large infrastructures. The SLM features standard connectivity […]
Jan 21, 2016
  The Gear S2 was launched just ahead of IFA 2015 and since then there are many apps that have been or are currently being developed for this Smartwatch. Now, […]
Jan 7, 2016
  SmartThings connects to BMW cars SmartThings, Samsung's platform to connect to smart devices in your smart home, has announced a brand new integration that will enable their platform to […]
Dec 30, 2015
  Samsung has confirmed that it's upcoming 2016 SUHD Smart TV range will be compatible with SmartThings, the companies home automation platform. The Smart TVs will have the Internet of […]
Nov 24, 2015
  Are you based in the US and Interested in purchasing the Samsung SmartThings hub? Great, as now you can get $50 off the retail price of the brand-new Samsung […]
Nov 24, 2015
  The Samsung SmartThings Hub is designed to make it easy for you to connect devices to your connected home. The Hub also comes with the SmartThings mobile app which […]
Nov 17, 2015
  The SmartThings hub went on sale in the US in September this year in the US, with the UK version becoming available the following week. Now there is some […]
Oct 13, 2015
  Samsung SmartThings is a versatile home control and automation solution, that allows you to access your compatible smart home devices using only one app. A smart home can mean […]
Sep 11, 2015
  We have been waiting for the launch of Samsung SmartThings devices for a while now, and were delighted to see its UK Launch yesterday, which means the Unboxing video […]
Sep 10, 2015
  Samsung Electronics has just announced that it's SmartThings range of products are available to purchase in the UK! You can purchase the items online at or at Curry’s […]
Sep 3, 2015
  If you're a software developer that is Interested in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) then the SmartThings meetup on September 3rd might be a great things for […]
Aug 26, 2015
  Yesterday we reported on the official news that Amazon Echo was now compatible with SmartThings. Amazon Echo is an Internet-connected speaker that responds to commands and questions that you […]
May 14, 2015
  The Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center (SSIC) and SmartThings are working closely with the newly announced Artik Platform. Yesterday Jeff Hagins, SmartThings CTO, took to the SmartThings website to […]
Jan 8, 2015
  The SmartThings app has been released for the Samsung Gear S smartwatch at CES 2015. By using the the SmartThings 1.0 app you are able to activate Hello, Home […]
Aug 18, 2014
  Samsung has acquired the home automation company SmartThings, which allows you to sync your gadgets with a Smartphone app and a hardware hub, and there is talk that the […]

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