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Dec 7, 2015
  Christmas is around the corner, and many of you have been waiting all year to grab ahold of your favorite gadgets. Yes, we know, you’re thinking about picking up […]
Nov 25, 2015
  This is an Interesting game that is available for the Samsung Z1 and Z3 Smartphones, Elemental Wars Online, a Fantasy tactical game which requires a bit of mental power. […]
Nov 20, 2015
  Hey Developers, Great news as we see new Tizen wearable devices, the Samsung Gear S2 (SM-R730S) and the Samsung Z3 (SM-Z300H), going Live on the Remote Test Lab (RTL). […]
Nov 18, 2015
  According to some Industry sources the Samsung Z3 smartphone is currently ranking as fourth most trending phones in the world. The ranking is compiled by various press sources which […]
Nov 17, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 is the second Tizen based Smartphone that has been released by Samsung, ten months later than the first Z1. The Z3 is a mid-range handset that […]
Nov 16, 2015
  Being fit is more Important now than ever before. Rather than taking a brisk walk to the newsagents, now we take the car everywhere and physical exhursion is chore […]
Nov 11, 2015
  Spreadtrum Communications have announced that its WCDMA SoC Platform has been adapted by Samsung's newly released Z3 smartphone. Spreadtrum is a fabless semiconductor company that is based in China […]
Nov 10, 2015
  Special days is a unique widget that comes pre-installed in you Samsung Z3 Smartphone. The widgets purpose is to provide you with all the Information on your chosen festivals. […]
Nov 10, 2015
  The Samsung Z3, the latest Tizen based Smartphone, which is only currently only available in India, with aspirations of launches in further International markets. According to an Industry source […]
Nov 6, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 has received another software / firmware update, taking it to version Z300HODD0AOK1. We have previously seen some beta users sporting this version and were hoping it […]
Nov 4, 2015
  October has come to an end and it's time to have a look at last month's Top 20 Best Tizen Apps. WhatsApp still remains as the number one downloaded […]
Nov 3, 2015
  VK, originally called VKontakte, is mainly a European based social network that has at least 280 million accounts, as of November 2014. Many of it's users are based in […]
Nov 2, 2015
  Plumb-It is a classic game from yester-a-year when we started playing games on our mobile devices. The idea of the game is to link pipes together, in a correct […]
Nov 2, 2015
  The Samsung Z3, the companies second Tizen smartphone, has been released In India and will be coming to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka soon. Previously we reported on the […]
Oct 31, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 has been released in only one country at the moment, India, although we do expect it to be distributed to more markets in the coming months. […]
Oct 30, 2015
  Update: The App is releasing for the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 Smartphones VLC is a cross platform open source media player that is created by the VideoLAN Project. […]
Oct 30, 2015
  The Source Code for the recently released Samsung Z3 Smartphone is now available to download from the Samsung Open Source Release Centre (OSRC). To be specific, this is version […]
Oct 29, 2015
  I know, I know. This post starts the beginning of what will be a good deal of work from me in an exciting new venture in my life as […]
Oct 28, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 was launched with a Facebook HTML5 web app, just like the Z1 that was released before it. Today the Z3 app got a major update as […]
Oct 25, 2015
  Are you hungry to get your hands on a Samsung Z3 but don't live in India? It is your lucky day, because handsets are starting to appear for resale […]

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