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Feb 15, 2013
    Samsung is "doubling down" on software. With Samsung planning to use its operating system Tizen in new smart phones, increased focus on its own software can help the […]
Feb 14, 2013
    Samsung Semiconductor has posted a video which provides an overview of ARM big.LITTLE technology and shows an operating demonstration, based on a Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 processor in a […]
Oct 10, 2012
    Will or won't Tizen merge with Bada. Read on ....... Mr. JK Shin confirmed that Samsung will merge bada to TIZEN. The opportunity going forward to have HTML5 […]
Oct 9, 2012
    SAN DIEGO & SHANGHAI, Oct 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Arynga announced today that they will be showing their CarSync(TM) end-to-end configuration management solution at the GENIVI All […]
Aug 15, 2012
    The Tizen project is approaching its one-year anniversary, which makes for a good opportunity to look back at how far the project has come. The Linux Foundation announced […]
Jul 7, 2012
    Samsung’s smartphone rocket is soaring. The company will announce record profits this quarter of $5.9 billion based mostly on the strength of its Galaxy smartphone line, and the […]
Jul 2, 2012
    I posted earlier that Application Developer Mike Shelon is working on Tizen Apps running on MeeGo Harmattan but he is also working on getting porting his Qt app […]
Jun 25, 2012
    Developers who have access to the Tizen Developer Device were tipped off a couple of weeks ago that a new build image and flashing instructions would be released […]
Jun 20, 2012
Samsung Electronics' new CEO has called for the company to redouble its focus on software, which many are taking as a hard knudge towards using its own software efforts in […]
Jun 19, 2012
Application developers can now get development hardware they can use for Tizen work. The Linux Foundation has gone Live again with the Tizen Development Unit Program and qualified Application Developers […]
Jun 14, 2012
    EFL (The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) were written to support the development of Enlightenment, and ultimately became a complete toolkit for making applications for desktops and especially lower powered […]
Jun 12, 2012
    There lots going on with Samsung Smart TV with their motion control at the moment. Although the following video clip does not have anything directly to do with […]
Jun 8, 2012
    Orange are welcoming professional developers in Paris to meet, learn, share and code. You’ll build apps, get fed, compete for prizes and, most importantly, meet new people and […]
Jun 6, 2012
Hot off the press is the news that Samsung will be shortly announcing it that it has joined the Linux Foundation at the highest level, Platinum which gives it a […]
May 22, 2012
    When Intel announced the birth of Tizen at Intel Elements in Seattle 2011 they mentioned that devices would appear in the second half of 2012.   Intel and […]
May 15, 2012
  Initially I heard rumours about the Developer give away device. Then at the Event the following slide was displayed showing the specs:     Now here are more that […]
May 15, 2012
As Samsung's Tizen OS is looking to grab a foothold, Mozilla has announced its own mobile OS named Boot to Gecko (BtG). While Tizen is the descendant of the Linux […]
May 15, 2012
  It appears that the developer device has a couple of special boot loader menus thrown in which make using and flashing the phone oh so much easier.     […]
May 14, 2012
    The rumors that Samsung’s Galaxy S III would have a full 1080p display seemed a bit hard to believe, if not quite unnecessary for a smartphone-sized screen, and […]
May 14, 2012
    At the recent Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco Jong-Deok Choi (also known as "JD") spoke as part of the Keynote speech. There were a couple of moments […]

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