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Jan 18, 2012
Time to time, we've heard of Samsung's plan to merge its homegrown OS Bada and Linux-based open-source OS Tizen. The South Korean electronics giant is seeking an alternative to Google's […]
Jan 18, 2012
Samsung Electronics' plan to merge its proprietary mobile OS Bada with Linux-based open-source OS Tizen has been wide known. The Electronics giant is seeking an alternative to Google's Android in […]
Jan 18, 2012
    Samsung says reported marriage between two open-source mobile operating systems not yet a done deal. Samsung has not yet decided whether it will be integrating its bada mobile […]
Jan 18, 2012
    Samsung is planning to raise a billion dollars to fund US expansion, and will be pushing Tizen onto Americans as a Bada-compatible platform, with Intel's help. The bonds […]
Jan 17, 2012
    Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday it planned to merge its 'bada' mobile software with a platform backed by chipmaker Intel Corp in its latest push to diversify […]
Jan 14, 2012
    Samsung are apparently working on merging bada operating system with Tizen! There was talk last year of them open sourcing Bada but that has not materialised and this […]
Jan 12, 2012
The Linux Foundation's Tizen project has previewed an alpha version of its MeeGo and LiMo-based mobile operating system and SDK. The HTML5-oriented release -- including components from the carrier-backed WAC […]
Jan 11, 2012
This Article appeared on One of the first areas I looked at when the initial Tizen source-code and SDK were released this week was whether the Wayland Display Server […]
Jan 8, 2012
  So you thought there was nothing much going on in the World of Tizen ? Right ? Wrong ! Today we saw a leak of the leak of the […]
Dec 30, 2011
In 1999, Linux founder Linus Torvalds joked about plans for world domination. But as the Linux kernel celebrated its 20th birthday this year, Linux, and open source in general, have […]
Dec 30, 2011
  Whilst we wade through the desert of no Tizen news from Intel or Samsung heres what is classed as a Tidbit of information. The article below tells all how […]
Dec 9, 2011
    Welcome to this report on the very first Tizen summit from the wonderfully sunny (if somewhat chilly) city of Beijing. The conference started well and had pretty good […]
Nov 24, 2011
  Its been 4 years since my last phone upgrade (a Nokia N95) from O2 having purchased a Nexus One direct from Google in 2010. My eye was caught by […]
Nov 16, 2011
    N Screens problem: W3C Conference Redmond, Nov 15,2011 - Presentation Transcript THE N-SCREENS PROBLEM Building Apps in the world of TV & Mobile Rajesh Lal Senior Engineer Agenda […]
Oct 24, 2011
  So Qt Developer Days is kicking off in Munich today and I feel sad. As if something is not right. Something is missing. Tizen has recently began its Qt-less […]
Oct 3, 2011
    A Nod To Developers Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the AppUp strategy, Scott Apeland takes time time to recognize the great work from our developers. […]
Oct 3, 2011
On Wednesday, a new Linux-based open source mobile operating system, Tizen, was jointly launched by Linux Foundation and the LiMo Foundation. The standards-based Web technology will be the benchmark for designing […]
Oct 1, 2011
The Intel AppUp Elements 2011 was held in Seattle, Washington between September 28 and 29. The meet brought together some of the most creative minds in the tech industry to share […]
Sep 28, 2011
Today both the Linux Foundation and Limo Foundation Announced a new Operating System - "Tizen". This Operating System is a combination of Limo and MeeGo that will eventually replace MeeGo. […]
Sep 27, 2011
    Ahead of Intel's Elements on Wednesday in Seattle, FTD is reporting that MeeGo is now planned to be merged with competing Linux based operating system Limo. Japanese heavyweights […]

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