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Jan 16, 2018
One attack in the world of connected internet of things (IoT) could be very fatal. It's been a year since the Mirai Botnet attacks and security thinking still needs to […]
Jan 8, 2018
These days we are having more and more confirms that closed-source solutions always imply a liability, as they may come with a surprise in the box in the form of […]
Jan 8, 2018
Smart home technology has grown some folds in the last couple of years. More people are adopting smart home technology every day. But are smart homes secure too? Yes, technology […]
Oct 30, 2014
Samsung as a company is not the most open at times, but they are trying to change their ways with Open Source initiatives within the company, and also them trying […]
Sep 4, 2013
  Lookout the makers of the popular security and antivirus application for Android and iOS, are now working with Samsung to reach Enterprises and bBusinesses. Malware is a real security […]
Jul 22, 2013
For years now we have know that their is such a thing as Malware that can affect SmartPhone (more recently) but there was one area that was safe, before the […]
May 28, 2013
  An ownCloud Encryption app was released last week for ownCloud 5 , incorporating a much more secure AES algorithm rather than blowfish algorithm. This is built upon Open SLL. The […]
Nov 1, 2011
  Recently, Nokia has been in touch with some CSSU devs and the council about a possible software update. As the version number implies, this is just a simple fix […]
Sep 10, 2011
Dutch notary, Dick Batenburg, established DigiNotar in 1998 and it was subsequently sold to VASCO Data Security International on January 10, 2011. At the time, Jan Valcke, VASCO's president, was quoted to have […]
Sep 10, 2011
VASCO Data Security International owned and ran DigiNotar for months. This is a Dutch certificate authority which has been faced with a lot of hacking issues in recent times. This week, tons of information […]
Jul 21, 2011
  Living in the digital age, security and especially digital security is of the utmost importance. Here the Nokia conversations crew talk about the security features that have been implemented […]
Mar 19, 2011
Surfing the interweb I just found some interesting information pertaining to RSA being hacked. Being involved in the implementation of this security model in quite a few locations it feels […]

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