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Oct 1, 2013
  Chris Norman, Ted Patrick. Here is a Video entitled "Tizen Project From the Ground Up" that was presented at thet SenchaCon Conference. Come understand how industry has an alternate OS option with Tizen™ for multiple computing platforms, such as Smartphones and IVI, Smart TV, Notebooks, tablets, and more.... In this session we will provide […]
Jul 18, 2013
  Sencha have announced "Space" a environment designed for the deployment of mobile business applications. Sencha space provides businesses with idea products for the design , build and deployment of secure high quality mobile applications. Space is an addition to Sencha's HTML5 platforms and tools which run on the Panambahan framework. End users create many […]
Jul 12, 2013
It was only late May 2013 when Sencha announced the great news that they were going to be officially supporting Tizen. They promised that Sencha 2013 was going to be the place to drive this forward and sure enough .... IT IS!!!!!! Tizen has a massive 4 hour bootcamp (as well as 2 sessions) for […]

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