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Oct 23, 2017
Samsung Electronics is one of the world's largest manufacturing companies and it is consistently investing in new technologies that would make pre-existing devices better and more efficient. Samsung is right […]
Jan 25, 2017
SK Telecom, Korea’s largest telecommunications company that has more than 29 million mobile subscribers, has announced that it has exclusively launched Samsung Electronics’ Gear S3 Classic LTE smartwatch on January […]
Mar 29, 2016
  Samsung is teaming up with another South Korean giant SK Telecom to boost forward into the future by kickstarting an Internet of Things (IoT) test town. The project is […]
Nov 4, 2014
  The Tizen Samsung Gear S is slowly extending its global rollout, with many of our readers being excited about seeing the Smartwatch / phone arriving on in the US […]
Mar 22, 2014
  There are rumours that Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom are currently discussing if a new Samsung Gear 2 variant should be made, this one would have an integrated SIM […]
Aug 27, 2013
  LG U+ is the latest firm to become a member of the Tizen Association. The Tizen Association has changed the membership of 12 firms from being members of the Tizen […]

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