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Jan 12, 2018
Skype is one of the most widely used instant messaging (IM) service in the world. It has more than 300 million monthly users worldwide. Though sharing of messages or files over Skype is secure enough to earn the trust of most people, the proprietary encryption protocol of Skype is somewhat complicated to easily understand. It's […]
Jul 19, 2017
Popular video, voice and text based communication service Skype hasn't yet made its way into the Tizen mobile environment officially leaving a lot of Tizen mobile users disappointed. However, if you're a Samsung Z4 user we have some good news for you as one of our own writers Joydeb has been tinkering around with his […]
Jan 16, 2015
  After Microsoft bought Skype we weren't sure if they would let everyone else play with their new expensive toy or if they would keep it as a Microsoft platform only messaging app. Well we shouldn't of feared too much as they made their group video calling feature free on the Windows desktop, Mac and […]
Jun 11, 2013
  Nine major tech companies have had their data integrity compromised by the US National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation for about 6 years now allowing access into sensitive data such as videos, photos, audio, emails and documents according to a presentation consisting of 41 slides. The presentation details a highly classified program […]
Apr 5, 2012
    Lots of users are still not happy with the fact that Skype on the Nokia N9 does not support Video Calling, Well Arun Lall has started a petition at !!!   The Nokia N9 has front facing camera and recently a Gtalk video call app has been released. The problem is, not […]
Mar 23, 2012
  The Following Story appeared on AllBoutN9: Several users asked how it's possible to install and use moreinstant messaging clients on Nokia N9. An application calledExtraplugins exactly does that - Nokia banned this plug-in from their store without any comprehensible reason. We tell you how to get this amazing addition on your phone and take advantage of Windows […]
Dec 16, 2011
    PORTLAND, OR, United States – As readers may know, I’ve been using the Nokia N9 for the better part of four weeks. I found the out of the box experience on the N9 to be very adequate with native support for Skype, Twitter, my numerous email accounts and even Flickr, all on board. […]
Dec 8, 2011
jflatt at the invaluable tmo forum published an approach to install the N9 version of Real Golf 2011 on N950. It is a mind-numbingly simple task of just adding the N9 apt source repo to your lists. $ devel-su Password: rootme # cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d # echo "deb https://qa9recEP:[email protected]/harmattan/001 ./" > n9.list “001″ is the device […]
Dec 4, 2010
Andy has done a quick write up of common Skype Video and Sound problems people might be facing after they have installed Skype:- So without further delay, please hit the link and let Andy fill you in.

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