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Jul 26, 2016
Samsung's tool for creating your own watchfaces - the Gear Watch Designer Beta program has been given a new update for both Mac and Windows. The major highlight of the new update comes in the form added support for the first-gen Gear S smartwatch. Until now, the Gear Watch Designer Beta was only supported for […]
Jul 20, 2016
  InnomdleLab showcased their unique smartwatch accessory- TipTalk, a Smart Strap back in CES 2016. The company got incubated successfully out of Samsung's C Labs and have now taken the startup route to get their product into kickstarter very soon. The company have also announced a referral campaign to expand their popularity by providing free […]
Jul 4, 2016
  My Notes available for Gear S2 The My Notes app has been released for previous Tizen smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Neo, and Gear S. Now this handy little app has made its way to the Gear S2. Checkout below to see the features:   What's New Voice input for gear S2 […]
Mar 21, 2016
No matter the time, it's always time for a good discount -- and today's discount is one for diehard Samsung fans (that'd be you, Tizen Experts readership!) The Gear S has popped up at eBay on sale for $169.99, 57% off the original retail price for the smartwatch. The Gear S was announced by Samsung […]
Aug 20, 2015
  Belvek, a company known for their Gear watch faces, have released "The Piston Watch", which is a "carefully crafted watch face that is beautiful work of art with smoothly animated gears and engine piston". It has an Interesting Piston running in the background with some rotating cogs. Features: Time and date display Battery and […]
Aug 8, 2015
  Hey Developers, To create a successful Gear Smartwatch app you need to understand about the architecture behind it and the services that are utilised to link devices together, like Smartphones and your new wrist wear. Below is a video created by Michael from Samsung Developers and guides you through what the Gear Manager and […]
Jul 23, 2015
  Gear Manager update The Samsung Gear Manager app has today been updated to version 2.2.15070942. As usual there is no changelog, no new obvious features, at least what I can see, so we can presume this is a general bug fix release. There are users that have had issues with previous versions of Gear […]
May 29, 2015
  The Gear Navigator app for the Samsung Gear devices has been a good option as a Mapping solution for your wrist, and now a new app has been released, Gear Navigator Standalone. As the name suggests, this is a standalone Navigation app, were you can prepare your route on the Gear S and navigate […]
May 11, 2015
  The Samsung Gear S Smartwatch has been getting the firmware update R750XXU1BOC1 in several countries over the last couple of months, but I'm pleased to see the BTU version has FINALLY reached the UK shores. The file is available via a 33.84Mb Over the Air (OTA) update or you can download the full firmware […]
May 5, 2015
  Now for something a little different. Browsing the net I came across this listing of a replacement Band for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smart Watch. We have previously reviewed the Cobalt Blue Watch strap, but here was have 4 colors and all for $60 USD. Note: This is a non-oem product and we […]
Apr 25, 2015
  The guys over at Belvek have released another addition to their Gear O'Clock watch face series, this one called Geoscope, which is a carefully crafted watch face for your Gear S. It promises to have smooth animations and there is also the inclusion of a a crazy prank as a bonus for you. As […]
Apr 21, 2015
  Top 20 Tizen Apps for March 2015 Samsung have released a list of their Top 20 most popular Tizen apps in March 2015'. The company previously did a similar thing for February 2015 (I can see a tend starting now).     WhatsApp and Opera Mini web browser are maintaining their first and second […]
Apr 19, 2015
  Expansys, the Online UK retailer has the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch listed at a lower price of £274.99 for the Pure white strap version, with the black strap version available on demand for £284.99. This is a price drop from the usual £329.99 price that the Gear S has been previously retailing for. Gear […]
Apr 16, 2015
  The guys over at Belvek have been busy with a couple of watch faces that are part of the Gear O'Clock series for the Samsung Gear S. I'm not sure who's naming these things, perhaps they should get out more often !!! Lol. The Gear O’clock The Masterpiece is a aimed at being a […]
Apr 15, 2015
  eHarmony, the online dating site that was founded back in the year 2000, has announced today that its mobile app will also support Android Wear and the Samsung Gear S Smart watch. Mobile technology is increasingly important for the online company as over 50% of new users come to the site via mobile devices. […]
Apr 14, 2015
  Nuance Communications have announced their newest innovations that brings clinical documentation to smart devices, smart watches and the Internet of Things. Their PowerMic Mobile App will be available in May 2015 and can turn any iOS or Android mobile phone into dictation device for physicians to easily dictate information into patients records. Nuance has […]
Mar 25, 2015
  The latest update for the Truecaller application introduces some excellent features. You now have the ability to merge stored contacts from your Tizen phone book and the Truecaller's directory for unstored contacts: this means only one place for Tizen users to look for their own contacts, and search for new. The new update of […]
Mar 24, 2015
  Bimmer Clock (BMW Clock) The Bimmer clock or BMW Clock is a watch face that is designed to let your Samsung Gear S have a true BMW style. You are able to check/view battery status, used space status and a compass. In total there are 19 different backgrounds to choose from. This   Main […]
Mar 19, 2015
  VOZ is a cross-platform chat application that can send voice messages at a touch. The company supports Tizen, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. You can also send messages directly from your Samsung Gear Smartwatch, which adds to the convenience of using this type of solution.     Features One-touch interface that is […]
Mar 12, 2015
  There is lots of over-hype about the Apple watch following the Apple event, but like many other Linux enthusiasts, I couldn't care less. According to the analyst firm Statista, Samsung is the number one vendor for Smartwatches. Samsung has spear-headed Smartwatch development with their Gear line up of watches, with the Samsung Gear S […]
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