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May 31, 2016
  Over at the Tizen forum today, a public poll was created to see if users were interested on a multi profile mode for their Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphones. […]
May 28, 2016
  This week has seen the release of another much in demand app, UC Mini Browser for the Samsung Z1 and Z3. What's so good about this little browser? Isn't […]
May 23, 2016
  Today, we have some great new wallpapers for your Samsung Z1, Z3, and TM1 Tizen Smartphones, all courtesy of Tizen Experts. We've recently had more requests for modern backgrounds […]
May 6, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 was first released in India and that is the test bed for new software updates. Today Z1 owners in Bangladesh / Sri Lanka and Nepal have […]
Apr 27, 2016
The Samsung Z1, despite being an entry level smartphone has received quite a lot of software updates ever since its launch, back in December 2014. One of the recent major software […]
Apr 12, 2016
  Today one of the most requested apps by our readers have been launched on the Tizen Smartphone platform. UC Browser is now immediately available to download for the Samsung […]
Apr 11, 2016
  Buns wars is a new game that is promises to have a new style, new dynamics, new standards, and all with excellent graphics! You have to defend your castle […]
Apr 10, 2016
  The Tizen Operating System (OS) on smartphones has been evolving quite nicely since it was first launched on the Samsung Z1, back in January 2015, with version 2.3 of […]
Apr 9, 2016
  The always on display feature that is popular on the Samsung S7 and LG G5 came to the Samsung Z3 via the Always on Display app. This app is […]
Apr 8, 2016
  Its that time of month again when we look at the Top 20 most downloaded apps / games from the Tizen Store over the previous month, in this case […]
Apr 7, 2016
  Earlier this week there was an update for the WhatsApp native app for Tizen devices, which now takes us to version 2.12.17 downloadable from the Tizen Store. The update […]
Apr 5, 2016
Its a huge news for Samsung Z1 and Z3 users out there who have been dying to play some graphic intensive games on their Tizen smartphone. One of Gameloft's most […]
Apr 1, 2016
  Tizen Store Improvements for Consumers Today, the Tizen Store received a major update in terms of both the user Interface for consumers and also back end for developers that […]
Mar 30, 2016
  ConfirmTkt IRCTC Indian Rail Info is an app that lets you check Passenger Name Record (PNR) live status Information. The IRCTC app was developed by Confirmtkt and has already […]
Mar 30, 2016
  At Tizen Experts it is important that we help you get the most out of your Tizen smartphones. Today we have some more wallpapers for you and have prepared […]
Mar 29, 2016
  Doodle Jump is one of my favorite game that I used to play all the time, countless hours dedicated to jumping around this addictive platform game. I have just […]
Mar 28, 2016
  Here at Tizen Experts we believe that every software update counts, and it doesn't how big or small they are. Today, the Samsung Z1 has received a small update […]
Mar 23, 2016
  Berry Blast Mania   Make matches of 3 or more berries, create blasts! It starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. Start your journey […]
Mar 22, 2016
  Photo Collage Art app is now available for the Samsung Z1 and Z3 running on Tizen 2.4 (or later) Smartphones. You are now able to create interesting and beautiful […]
Mar 18, 2016
Drone Attack is the latest game on the Tizen store that wants to take over your free time to destroy World War 2 style enemy planes. The game-play is rather […]

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