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Apr 23, 2015
  Download Booster, as the name suggests is a application that can increases your download speed when downloading files to your Samsung Z1. It does this by deploying multiple parallel […]
Apr 21, 2015
  Top 20 Tizen Apps for March 2015 Samsung have released a list of their Top 20 most popular Tizen apps in March 2015'. The company previously did a similar […]
Apr 20, 2015
  Samsung Z1 is now going to be available on Bangladesh's Grameenphone network with a special offer for its customers. The Z1 will be available for BDT 6,900 with an […]
Apr 20, 2015
The Samsung Z1 is the world's first commercial Tizen Smartphone and hopefully it will not be the last. Update: The Samsung Z2, Z3 and Z4 have come out since. Some […]
Apr 20, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 has had a fast and steady flow of software / firmware updates for it, the last one only being 3 weeks ago (Z130HDDU0BOC7). Today their is […]
Apr 16, 2015
  The Quikr mobile application for the Samsung Z1 lets you keep on top of your Quikr account whilst you are on the move. Search for items by keyword or […]
Apr 15, 2015
  Download Mode on Samsung Z1 Now that the Samsung Z1 has been released for a while in India and Bangladesh, one question that we repeatedly keep getting asked is […]
Apr 15, 2015
  Description ShareNote is an app that lets you easily store all the information that you might need as go by your day-to-day business. anything that comes to mind can […]
Apr 14, 2015
  Here is a new game with a new twist. What you have to do is "Look at the image and guess the game". A simple game that lets you […]
Apr 14, 2015
  Redbend, is a company that catalyzes change in the connected world and boasts the ability of keeping more than 2 billion automotive, IoT and mobile devices updated, has announced […]
Apr 14, 2015
  The Tizen store has some great apps and if you like puzzle apps then we have a treat for you. Software developer Shreeram Kushwaha has team up with Tizen […]
Apr 13, 2015
  Salah Timings The Tizen based Samsung Z1 has been released in India and Bangladesh so far, with other potential markets on the horizon. Both India and Bangladesh have a […]
Apr 13, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 is the worlds first Tizen based Smartphone and there is good news for anyone who hasn't bought one yet as the Z1 is now available at […]
Apr 12, 2015
  Most of time we need to refer to the weather, what to wear, where to go, umbrella or no umbrella? This is where a reliable weather app comes in […]
Apr 11, 2015
  The cute little Talking Tom Cat has previously been available on iOS and Android devices, and has now found its way to the Tizen Store thanks to the Android […]
Apr 9, 2015
  Have you ever passed your phone to someone for them to use, only to see them going through your private pictures? This is something that seems more common in […]
Apr 9, 2015
We were overjoyed to see a high profile messaging app like WhatsApp available on the Tizen Store at launch for the Samsung Z1. Now it seems the WhatsApp Android App, […]
Apr 8, 2015
  The firmware update Z130HDDU0BOC7 TIZEN version was launched Over the Air (OTA) last week in India. There were reports that the launch was also in Bangladesh, but it […]
Apr 7, 2015
  The Tizen based Samsung Z1 is a good for value budget Smartphone for people coming from the feature phone world to Smartphones. At launch It was originally priced at […]
Apr 1, 2015
  Taptu is quite an established RSS / News Reader application that has been around for a while now and has gained popularity since Google shut down its own Google […]

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