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Oct 15, 2016
The Tizen Store has been a beehive of activities of late since Samsung introduced the Z2 in new markets. The App store has seen a lot of new apps being developed and not just that, these are top rated app considering the rave performance they pull on the store. That Tizen apps archives are getting larger by the […]
Oct 15, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana A new addition to the Tizen Store is the Mad O Ball 3D game which is available to download for FREE only for the next 2 months. This is an exciting arcade action game in which you race ball against time. Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana. A new Dictionary app named "English Hindi Dictionary" is now available for you to download from the Tizen store, it is an offline english to hindi dictionary. The app, Offline English Dictionary, has been added by a seller by the name of Stardict. This happens to be a very easy […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana. Call of Duty, created by Turbo Work and is one of the most popular action games for almost all gaming platforms including the humble desktop, Is now available in the Tizen store. The game has been created with the Unity development environment in which Tizen is a target platform. This […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana: Where are the brave people? Are you ready to risk your life? Are you ready to face your fears? If you're ready then lets get started because Hakan Ince has added a popular horror game to the Tizen Store. "Horror Hospital 3D" is made by Heisen Games. It is possibly the first […]
Oct 13, 2016
Today, Temple Run 2, which is one of the most user requested games, has finally arrived on the Tizen Store. This is an endless runner type of game that is developed by Imangi Studios. Temple Run 2 was first released on iOS and then was brought to Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and now to Tizen devices. […]
Oct 12, 2016
  Guest post by Joydeb Rana: The DadStudio team have added their best bubble shooting game, named "Bubble Bash Bubble Struggle", to the Tizen store. The game promises to be one of the best bubble shooter games that has spectacular graphics and great music that is simple to operate. Play the game to join in […]
Oct 12, 2016
Guest Post by Joydeb Rana: Another welcome addition to the Tizen Store is the iMobile app brought to you by ICICI Bank Ltd. This is the ICICI Bank's official mobile banking application and boasts a comprehensive set of features. Now you can securely manage your ICICI Bank account straight from your Tizen smartphone, allowing you to […]
Oct 11, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana: We've had quite a few good games coming through to the Tizen Store lately and the latest addition isn't any different. The new racing game is called Indian Racing League, brought to you by Games2Win, and promises to be one of the best racing games out there! You can play this […]
Oct 10, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana: Are you ready to drive heavy trucks? If you're not then you can try getting yourself prepared by driving playing the game Truck Racing 3D! Racing Games Saga have now ported over their best truck racing game "Truck Racing 3D" to the Tizen store. Truck Racing 3D has already been […]
Oct 9, 2016
This is a guest post by Joydeb Rana. Shooting Sporting Clay 2015 is the latest addition to the Tizen store games section, brought to you by Black Cobra Studios. This is a 3D shooting game in which you need to shoot a clay pigeon or any moving animals on your game screen with your favorite rifle.   […]
Oct 7, 2016
This is a guest post by Joydeb Rana Good news for Tizen smartphone users as an action game named Zombie Reborn, created by developer Pham Dinh, has been released on to the Tizen Store.  In the game you have to go to war with Zombies who attack you from front, back or side, and you attack them with […]
Oct 7, 2016
The Samsung Z2 was officially launched in Kenya yesterday at a relatively small event hosted at Samsung Kenya's head office in Nairobi. Consumers will be able to purchase the Z2 on safaricom, which do not offer what we would consider standard pay monthly plans, but instead do "pay as you go" and standard rates for everything else […]
Oct 6, 2016
Many of our readers have been waiting for Xender, a file transfer & sharing app, to be released on the Tizen Store and today it finally has. Do you need to transfer a file between mobile phones or between your phone and the pc? This is what Xender is designed to do and it does […]
Oct 6, 2016
We've been following the launch of the Samsung Z2 closely, as you would expect from Tizen Experts, and we knew that Kenya was the next market to be graced by the Z2 and its 4G capabilities. Well it looks like today is the day as Samsung has been sending out Press Invites for the event […]
Oct 3, 2016
Tizen's theme store is one of the main ways in which users can customize their Tizen smartphones. However, if you are not impressed by all the themes available in the store, then Samsung's Tizen Theme Editor tool is just what you should be looking out for. This Windows desktop only program lest you create your […]
Oct 1, 2016
The Samsung Z2 was launched in Indonesia last week and the ads were all over the TV and social media in the country. However, despite the launch a large section of potential customers in the country reported that the phone was nowhere to be found in the local market. The news has reached all the […]
Sep 29, 2016
The System On a Chip (SOC) that Samsung had used in the Z2 Tizen smartphone was a tight secret despite most of the details of the phone was leaked prior to its launch. Rumors were also spread that the device could possibly employ one of its own Exynos SOC. However, post the launch of the device […]
Sep 28, 2016
The quality of games on the Tizen store in comparison to the games available on its close rival Android has been pretty poor until now. However, in the recent times we have seen some of the big names like Gameloft bringing some of their popular games on to the Tizen platform. In addition to this, […]
Sep 23, 2016
  Many of our readers from Indonesia have been eagerly waiting for a Tizen based Smartphone to be released there, and today the Samsung Z2, model number SM-Z200F, has been officially launched there. You can purchase one for Rp. 899,000 and this is seen as a very competitive price compared to other similar powered smartphones. […]

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