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Sep 22, 2016
Today, Samsung Mobile Nepal has officially launched the Tizen based Samsung Z2 to its customers based in Nepal. If you're Interested in this smartphone it will cost you Rs. 7,290 and is available right now from official Samsung outlets in Nepal. This is the latest country to have the Z2 launched in it and follows suit of India, […]
Sep 21, 2016
The next target market for the launch of the Samsung Z2 is expected to be Indonesia. The Tizen store recently started supporting Indonesian language and also recently the Samsung Z2 had passed certification process in Indonesia. Judging by the pace at which these developments are taking place with respect to Tizen in the country, it seems […]
Sep 21, 2016
The Samsung Z2 was first launched in India as part of an exclusive agreement with PayTM to sell the smartphone online. New users will get Jio services bundled in the preview offer for 90 days which includes the use of unlimited 4G data and voice calls. Now, the Z2 has found another Online distributor in the form of the […]
Sep 20, 2016
  Yesterday, we reported on an issue that WhatsApp users were facing with the app displaying "This version of WhatsApp has expired, please got to the App Store to update it". The problem occurred when the Tizen Store would not let users update it. We also posted a little workaround for it to keep you […]
Sep 19, 2016
  Samsung appears to have opened up the Tizen Store to users from Indonesia with the inclusion of the Regional languages on the app store. Indonesia is yet to get its first Tizen phone, so this may further be an indication that the Tizen-powered Samsung Z2 may be released in Indonesia soon. Before now, owners […]
Sep 19, 2016
The Samsung Z2 has already been succesfully launched in India and South Africa, with indicators showing the Kenya launch will be soon. This is the third Tizen based Smartphone that has been released by Samsung. Previous models were the Z1 which was launched in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and the Z3 which was […]
Sep 17, 2016
A Samsung smartphone carrying the model number SM-Z200F and manufactured in Indonesia has been officially certified today (September 16, 2016) by the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information (DG SDPPI), the local authority under whose purview that falls. The Samsung Z2 which is known to have the model number SM-Z200F had […]
Sep 16, 2016
In the past we have released some Indian and Bangladeshi themed wallpapers / backgrounds, our little way of welcoming new countries to the Tizen family. Now, with the launch of the Samsung Z2 in South Africa we have a special South African themed wallpapers to celebrate this occasion. The Samsung Z2 is available in India […]
Sep 15, 2016
  Cublast was initially avaialble for the Android and Windows platforms and has now made its way to the Tizen Platform. This is an arcade style game that promises a lot of fun, which is called a "all new agility game" for your smartphone! We have Touch and tilt controls, multiple challenging stages, mind blowing […]
Sep 11, 2016
  From the Tizen Experts team we would like to wish an early Eid Mubarak to all of our readers that will be celebrating the upcoming Muslim festival. To help you get into the festive mood here are some Special Eid Wallpapers for your Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, and TM1 Tizen smartphones. Tizen devices have been available in India, […]
Sep 11, 2016
The Samsung Tizen Store continues to buzz with activities, with a couple of new apps getting on the store. This is reflected in the diversity of apps / games that make up the top 20 most downloaded apps on the Tizen Store by Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphone owners each month. The month of August […]
Sep 9, 2016
  Badminton stars Have fun playing Badminton Stars! A challenging and fun badminton game on your mobile that you will hopefully enjoy. The game features tournaments for you to win, fun and cool character customizations and many more. The game has good graphics / sound and plays smoothly. The game features tournaments for you to […]
Sep 9, 2016
  This is a guest post by Bartłomiej Bartel I am a software engineer at Samsung Poland R&D Center and I have started my adventure with application development in Tizen and for Tizen based devices about 2 years ago. In that time I had the opportunity to create applications and games both for Tizen smart […]
Sep 8, 2016
  One of the amazing app which comes pre-loaded on the Tizen powered Samsung Z2 in India is the "My Money Transfer" app. The application is a money transfer app that lets Z2 owners transfer money using Account number and IFSC. The 'My Money Transfer" app also lets Tizen Z2 users check their Account balance […]
Sep 6, 2016
Whenever the Samsung Z2 launch in Kenya, the device might just make it as the cheapest Tizen OS powered smartphone ever. The exact date the Z2 will go official in Kenya has not yet been disclosed by Samsung but Samsung Electronics East Africa has teased the estimated price the device will fetch when finally launched. Samsung […]
Sep 6, 2016
Following the release of the Samsung Z2 in India, Tizen Experts present you with custom Z2 wallpapers / backgrounds to celebrate the release of Tizen's 3rd phone. This batch of wallpapers have a Tizen theme and support the Samsung Z1 / Z2 / Z3 smartphones. You can download them directly from our site either using […]
Sep 5, 2016
  Table Tennis 3D is a highly addictive game with good graphics, effects and good sound FX. You can play with friends or against the computer. You can do various moves like smash or swing the ball to become higher in rankings whilst in career mode, if you take the table tennis challenge. The computer […]
Sep 4, 2016
  If your a gaming fan that loves a good shoot 'em up then possibly Snipe Ops 3D might 'hit the spot'. The game is developed by Modern Alchemists and is possibly one of the best examples of a 3D shooting game that I've seen on the Z3. You are provided with a picture of […]
Sep 1, 2016
(Note: You can skip to the last part if you are here just to know how to get the Jio sim as mentioned in the title) The newborn Indian telecom carrier service provider Reliance Jio has become the talk of the town in the country's urban areas. Reliance Jio is currently testing out its service in […]
Aug 29, 2016
  The Samsung Z2 was launched recently in India for a price of Rs. 4,590. The Z2 is the first 4G enabled smartphone from Samsung and the company are promoting the handset with free 90 days of unlimited 4G internet and voice call service courtesy of Reliance Jio. The smartphone has received a lot of […]

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