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Aug 29, 2016
  Samsung Z2 goes on sale in India The Samsung Z2 was launched in India last week on 23rd Aug. The company had announced that the smartphone would be taking both online as well as offline routes for its sale. While Samsung are tying up with multiple retail partners for the offline distribution, the company […]
Aug 27, 2016
Samsung has updated the Tizen Store terms, bringing in some few changes. Tizen Store is Samsung's Tizen OS own app store where users of smartphones and other gadgets running the Tizen OS can access free apps and also buy paid apps. This recent update brings the function of buying paid apps from the Tizen store […]
Aug 26, 2016
  More Tizen Devices in the Remote Test Lab Hey Developers, Some great news today as the latest Tizen devices hit the Remote Test Lab (RTL). The Samsung Z2 (SM-Z200F) which was only launched on Tuesday and the Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360) are now available for developers to remotely access. The RTL is a REAL […]
Aug 25, 2016
  Compare Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3 Tizen Smartphones Lets do a quick history lesson: The first Tizen Smartphone was the Samsung Z1, then came the Z3, and yesterday was the turn of the 4G touting Z2 to take centre stage. On the whole the Z2 is very similar to the Z1 and can be […]
Aug 24, 2016
  In the IT / Mobile world there are many security challenges that we have to face like Tojans, viruses, and the dreaded Malware that spreads like wildfire. In order to fend these off Tizen employs many security features at the Operating System level, but also at the software level.   "According to Intel Security’s […]
Aug 23, 2016
Samsung is planning on pushing a new update to its Tizen based smartphones with a whole lot of new features, most of which were suggested by Tizen phone users on Samsung's Tizen community forum. The tech giant says the update was in response to the brilliant suggestions and ideas by users which it says will […]
Aug 23, 2016
  Today, Samsung have officially launched the Samsung Z2, the first 4G Tizen smartphone, at a special event held in New Delhi,India. This is the third smartphone from Samsung that is Tizen based that follows in the footsteps of the Samsung Z1 and Z3 before it. The Z2 is said to has been customised to […]
Aug 22, 2016
  We have been looking forward to the release of the Samsung Z2 for some time now and confirmed back in March that it would in-fact be launched later this year, so we are really excited for a new smartphone to join the Z1 and Z3. The actual event will take place on 23rd August […]
Aug 20, 2016
Samsung has been very silent about their next Tizen based Samsung Z2 smartphone until now. We had earlier reported that the Z2 would be unveiled during the Note 7 launch event in India which took place on August 11th. However, that didn’t turn out to be true. Now, Samsung India have started sharing invites to […]
Aug 15, 2016
The Samsung Z2 was expected to launch in India on the 11th of August along with the Galaxy Note 7, but that turned out to be a hoax and we are now left waiting for an official date for the unveiling the smartphone. There is some good news as our sources confirm that the wait […]
Aug 10, 2016
  Samsung's next Tizen based smartphone which is going to be the Z2 is expected to be launched tomorrow in India where Samsung will also be announcing their flagship Galaxy Note 7 and the mid range Galaxy A9 Pro smartphone in the country. With curiosity taking the better of us, we have now stumbled up […]
Aug 8, 2016
  Samsung are hoping for great things from their next Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z2, which has been rumoured to launch on 11 Auguest 2016. The date now seems a little more plausible as two firmwares have been found online for India and Nepal (Z200FDDU0APG8), with the full country list being: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri […]
Aug 7, 2016
  We are super excited (American term) for the launch of the Samsung Z2. This upcoming Tizen tech has had lots of information pointing to its release such as Wifi and Bluetooth certification as well as news that Samsung has already begun assembly of the device. The Z2 is also slated to be distributed in […]
Aug 3, 2016
  Yesterday most of the tech news on the web was centred around the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. There was however another bit of tech that was also shown off to a limited audience, the Tizen based Samsung Z2 Smartphone. The Z2 is already slated to be distributed in 8 […]
Jul 28, 2016
  Yesterday we had the online leak of the full Z2 User Manual and also news that the device will be released in the Africa and Southeast Asia. It seems like lots of our news of late has been of the upcoming Z2 device and today seems no different. We have a video showing the […]
Jul 28, 2016
  According to Industry sources, Samsung Electronics will be releasing their next Tizen based smartphone, the 4G capable Samsung Z2, in the second half of this year. The device will support 8 national languages and will be released in 8 countries which are India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. This […]
Jul 27, 2016
  The Tizen Experts team are anxiously awaiting the release of the next Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z2. Previously there were some leaked docs for the device, but today we have the full User Manual for you to browse at your leisure.     The Z2 is planned to be Samsung's first 4G dual SIM […]
Jul 12, 2016
  Samsung Z2 Documentation Leak We have been talking about the upcoming Samsung Z2 smartphone for a while now and today we have seen some leaked documentation surface that looks like it is part of the official user manual of Samsung's next Tizen based Smartphone. As we exclusively reported earlier this year the device will […]
Jul 7, 2016
  We have been reporting about Samsung's next Tizen based smartphone, the Samsung Z2, for quite a while now. A couple of days ago we reported that Samsung have begun production of the device from shipping information that we have received. Today we have heard that the Z2 has passed its WiFi Certification, another step […]
Jul 5, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 and Z3 have sold quite well since they went on sale last year, reportedly selling over a million handsets, even though they have only been distributed to a limited number of markets so far. Now, According to shipping Information in India, Samsung have started Importing more parts to assemble their next […]

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