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Nov 14, 2016
Taking the role of a Coast Guard Ship, you will fight the Chinese, protecting South East Asia Sea. They will send various ships and you will need to be precise because of the winds, strong or light, you will need to aim correctly with the right amount of power. INSTRUCTIONS Hold "Shoot" and release at […]
Oct 29, 2016
Sputnik Eyes on Tizen Smartphones Sputnik Eyes is a puzzle game that promises to take you across a journey across space. Initially released last year for the iOS and Android Operating Systems (OS) it has now made its way to us, the Tizen OS. The developer has received some great feedback and critical acclaim for this game […]
Oct 29, 2016
As the Diwali festival approaches it's time to not only dress yourself up, but to also dress up your Tizen smartphone. Tizen Experts presents you with some special hand crafted Diwali wallpapers for your enjoyment. These backgrounds support all current Tizen smartphones that includes the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, and also developer devices like the […]
Oct 27, 2016
  Remember the World Cricket Championship 2 game? The most rated cricket game in the Tizen Store by Nextwave Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. Today they have added a new game named "Group Play Drag Racing". It's a Racing game against 6 racers, and you have to use your gears to the best of your ability in […]
Oct 26, 2016
Cyberline Racing combines action packed shooting with adrenaline pumped races, delivering you a unique racing experience. Load your car with weapons and put your driving skills to the test as you dodge missiles, destroy the opposing cars to race to the top of the online rankings! You swipe up on the left side to have […]
Oct 24, 2016
Last week lots of games were added to the Tizen store. Zombie Derby 2 is one of them by Herocraft Ltd. Today they added another game in the Tizen Store named FootLOL - Crazy Football. It's a football game and also a war game at the same time as you need to play football during the war, strange hey. You […]
Oct 24, 2016
Do you love nature and hate your noise pollution filled town ? Do you feel you are losing touch with what we call real nature? Is this a troubling situation for you? Not to worry as an app seller, Vitor Figueredo from Dreamroad Production, who is new to the Tizen Store has added 3 new apps which will take back to […]
Oct 22, 2016
Hi guys, a new adventure / horror type game series has been added to the Tizen Store by Kenneth Lemieux named "Slenderman". In the Tizen store 3 games are available under this series which are :- Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone Free Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone (Rs. 65 INR) Slenderman Chapter 2: Survive (Rs. 65 INR) […]
Oct 21, 2016
Here is another puzzle type game that has recently hit the Tizen Store for you to enjoy. "Candy Funny" is brought to you by developer Julio Cesar and is very similar to Candy Crush. You have 300 levels available to play and all levels have 3 stars , the number of stars shows how good or bad you actually are. You don't have […]
Oct 20, 2016
A New adventure game added to the Tizen Store by "Super Monkey Fun Pvt. Ltd." named "Super Saint Saga" made with Unity. It's an adventure packed funny 3D game. A short story about this game: Long long ago there was a brave Saint. In order to fight the dragon, he decided to step into the […]
Oct 18, 2016
Do you love reading about new games that are being released into the Tizen Store? Good, we like writing and bringing you the most exciting gaming developments on the Tizen platform. Here is the latest offering called Zombie Derby 2 which is available for Tizen smartphones and is a good action game brought to you by by […]
Oct 18, 2016
More action games come rolling in as War Thunder is released on the Tizen Store for Tizen smartphones. This is a Unity game that has been released for the Tizen platform. The game is brought to you by Pham Dinh, the same person that brought you Action Strike, Zombie Reborn, Call of Duty , and Danger Run. In this game you […]
Oct 17, 2016
A new app named Smart Tutor has been released by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and is available right now from the Tizen Store. Using the app you are able to contact Samsung customer care about your device support needs. It's an easy, quick and safe technical support application and a good consulting tool for Samsung smartphones. […]
Oct 15, 2016
The Tizen Store has been a beehive of activities of late since Samsung introduced the Z2 in new markets. The App store has seen a lot of new apps being developed and not just that, these are top rated app considering the rave performance they pull on the store. That Tizen apps archives are getting larger by the […]
Oct 15, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana A new addition to the Tizen Store is the Mad O Ball 3D game which is available to download for FREE only for the next 2 months. This is an exciting arcade action game in which you race ball against time. Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana. A new Dictionary app named "English Hindi Dictionary" is now available for you to download from the Tizen store, it is an offline english to hindi dictionary. The app, Offline English Dictionary, has been added by a seller by the name of Stardict. This happens to be a very easy […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana. Call of Duty, created by Turbo Work and is one of the most popular action games for almost all gaming platforms including the humble desktop, Is now available in the Tizen store. The game has been created with the Unity development environment in which Tizen is a target platform. This […]
Oct 14, 2016
Guest post by Joydeb Rana: Where are the brave people? Are you ready to risk your life? Are you ready to face your fears? If you're ready then lets get started because Hakan Ince has added a popular horror game to the Tizen Store. "Horror Hospital 3D" is made by Heisen Games. It is possibly the first […]
Oct 13, 2016
Today, Temple Run 2, which is one of the most user requested games, has finally arrived on the Tizen Store. This is an endless runner type of game that is developed by Imangi Studios. Temple Run 2 was first released on iOS and then was brought to Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and now to Tizen devices. […]
Oct 12, 2016
  Guest post by Joydeb Rana: The DadStudio team have added their best bubble shooting game, named "Bubble Bash Bubble Struggle", to the Tizen store. The game promises to be one of the best bubble shooter games that has spectacular graphics and great music that is simple to operate. Play the game to join in […]
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