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Feb 27, 2017
Samsung Z5 Tizen Smartphone We have been waiting for the next Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z5 model number SM-Z510FD, to make its appearance since the second half of 2016. Now, we see a page reserved for it on an Indian price comparison site MobileKaPrice, which translates to "what is the price of the mobile." We can […]
Mar 3, 2016
  We have reported previously that it looks like another Tizen Smartphone is currently being developed, the Samsung Z5, keeping in line with Samsung's "Z-line" series of handsets. We have seen parts being Imported into India for testing. This was the same testing and importing cycle that we have seen previously with the Samsung Z1 […]
Feb 22, 2016
  Samsung Z5 Tizen Smartphone Last year we saw the release of the first Tizen Smartphones, the Samsung Z1 and Z3, with the Z1 releasing in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Z3 has only been released in India, but despite the limited availability we still have already had over 3 million handsets sold, […]

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