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Sep 17, 2014
  The newly announced Tizen Samsung NX1 has gone on Pre-order in the UK at a couple retail / online outlets. Jessops and Wex Photographic have both got the NX1 at the camera body only price of £1,299, but also have a promotional Samsung 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS Lens and NX1 Outfit Bag […]
Sep 16, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX1 was launched yesterday and it is a spectacular bit of kit, boasting that it is the fastest and most accurate compact camera system in the APC camera class. It is being shown off at Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany. You can check out the first hands-on look LIVE of […]
Sep 15, 2014
  Today has been an Exciting time for the photographers amongst us with the Launch of the Tizen based Samsung NX1 Smart Camera. We have an amazing autofocus at 0.055 seconds with the ability to take 15 frames per second in RAW format, 4K native UHD video recording, h.265 compression, dust and splash resistant, EVF […]
Sep 15, 2014
Samsung Electronics have announced the launch of their new technologically advanced NX Series Smart Camera, the Tizen Samsung NX1, which is now their Tizen flagship Camera taking over from the NX30. If you didn't think Samsung would bring any worthy updates to the table, you really need to think again. Samsung really want to "focus" […]
Sep 7, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX300M has got an firmware update to version 1.13, that was out a little while ago, but it seems like there are lots of you users out there that have not heard of it !!! So heres the Information for you 🙂   Samsung NX300M Firmware Update 1.13 Below are […]
Sep 1, 2014
  Samsung Electronics sees Tizen as an Important Operating System choice. It gives them their own OS, that they can develop in a direction that they choose. We've have various Smart devices being released like the Samsung NX30 Smart Camera, Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, as well as upcoming devices like the Gear S Smartwatch, NX1 […]
Aug 29, 2014
  Samsung has brought us Tizen based cameras like the NX300M and NX30, but now it looks like the Samsung NX1 Smartcamera will be launched at the Samsung Premiere 2014 event at Photokina, on September 15, 2014 at Rheinsaal Congress Centre North.       Samsung Event Samsung Premiere 2014 NX at Rheinsaal CCN Koelnmesse […]
Aug 27, 2014
  Samsung Electronics has been making steady headway in the world of cameras, and possibly leading the pack when it comes to Smart Cameras with its features that it offers. We heard a while ago that samsung where going to be releasing another flagship Smart Camera following the release of the Samsung NX30 camera.   […]
Aug 27, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX30 Smart Camera has got a firmware update that is dated 20 Aug 2014. We do have a change log as below that points out a couple of Interesting bits:   Firmware Version 1.30 Add WiFi Privacy Lock Function Revision Open Source Licenses Fixed intermittent bug: custom mode AWB value […]
Aug 18, 2014
  The Samsung NX30 is a special bit of kit, with its excellent sharing smart camera features, quick focus of 0.3 seconds, but its now been confirmed again with the the Korean manufacturer being awarded European Connected Camera 2014-2015 by the European Imaging and Sound Association. See the Press Release Clip for further details.   […]
Jul 1, 2014
  The Tizen touting Samsung NX30 has an impressive feature set which includes a 0.3 shutter speed, high sensitivity of 25,600. As a Smart camera you can send your photos and videos directly to a computer, printer, cloud service, email or social media. Now we just add a Super AMOLED with Touch Panel, Tiltable EVF, […]
Jun 13, 2014
  Samsung have delivered several Tizen powered Smart cameras and now according to a new leak, they are getting ready to deliver another Tizen based flagship model named the Samsung NX1. The expected announcement of this new Camera is thought to be at the Photokina event in September. Specification wise we are looking at a […]
May 16, 2014
  Firmware version 1.20 has been released for the Tizen based Samsung NX30, the Korean tech giant's current NX Smart camera flagship. Below are the fixes that this update brings with it: Fixes- Add Language: Romanian, Vietnamese- Improved smartphone usability of Wi-Fi function.- Change Shooting mode touch button of AutoShare to Mobile Connection.- Add Group […]
May 8, 2014
Just when we were getting over the excitement of the Tizen based Samsung NX30, we now have a new addition to the NX Smart camera range, the Samsung NX3000, with the promise of high quality images, capturing life moments in stunning detail with ease and pleasure. We initially heard of the NX3000 in mid April […]
May 7, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M was the first Tizen Smart Camera to reach the market, and it only seems right (?) that it is the first one to be hacked. The device supports NFC and WiFi connectivity that lets you connect directly to cloud services, such as a Samsung link account, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, SkyDrive and KakaoStory. You […]
May 6, 2014
  Yesterday we got the Tizen Samsung NX30 Camera, and so far it looks like a very interesting FAST device. So whats the first thing you do when you get a new piece of technology? You upgrade the firmware, well, I do at least. The latest version of the firmware available for the NX30 is […]
May 6, 2014
  The Samsung NX30 is the korean manufacturer's latest flagship Smart camera, that runs the Tizen Operating System. This latest camera takes what's good about the Samsung NX300M, and builds on it. The form factor of the NX30 looks like any other standard compact systems mirror-less camera that supports interchangeable lens, but has some more […]
May 4, 2014
  I usually tend to cover conferences with my Canon 7D Camera with its EF 18-55 2.8 Lens. Well, that was until I found out the Samsung NX300M was running Tizen, and then I promptly bought it in Korea, and I haven't been disappointed with its speed or picture quality. Its not perfect for a […]
Apr 24, 2014
  Samsung is no stranger to the Smart Camera market. They have been successful with the Samsung Galaxy range of Smart Cameras and now its the time of Tizen. The recently released Samsung NX30 Tizen based Smart Camera has won a 2014 Technical Image Press Association Award (TIPA) in the "Best CSC Advanced" category, making […]
Apr 18, 2014
  Samsung Electronics are said to be releasing another Tizen Camera. The new Smart Camera NX3000, is slated for the Indonesian market and is currently undergoing testing from the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication SP3, submitted on the 10th April The Tizen Samsung NX3000 is a Mirrorless camera and will join the Samsung NX300M, […]

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