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Apr 8, 2014
  The new Tizen Samsung NX30 camera represents the next leap forward in Smart camera workmanship for their Smart camera's. The NX30 was the camera that launched just before CES […]
Mar 18, 2014
  Oh how I love the words Leak used in the same sentence as Tizen !!! Leaked images have hit the internet regarding a Samsung launch event tomorrow. Initially it […]
Mar 5, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M Camera (Smart Camera?) was released near the end of last year, but not many knew it was running the Tizen Operating System (OS). In fact it […]
Jan 8, 2014
Most of those who have some idea of Tizen know it's being used smartphones and even smart camera's, fridges and in vehicle systems. There are talks about laptops as well […]
Jun 20, 2013
  The NX-2000 Smart based Camera is now on sale in the USA for $649.99. The camera is a combination of slim camera design and smart technology which creates extraordinary […]
Dec 31, 2011
Quick Hack posted at Maemo Brief if you want to get rod of the "Click" sound of the N9 Camera: Remove the snd_camera_shutter.wav file from /usr/share/sounds/ui-tones After you have done […]
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