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Jul 6, 2016
  Samsung Electronics has officially publically released its Smart TV Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.3.1 Preview UI to developers. Samsung previously allowed access to the Preview UI to a limited number of selected partners. Devs are now encouraged to get involved with Integrating the single access experience into their apps and help grow the Tizen […]
Jan 12, 2016
  Samsung is certainly taking the lead with the Smart TV category with all the innovations that they have announced at CES 2016. The companies upcoming 2016 range will feature a newly designed Tizen Smart TV user Interface and the ability to connect to SmartThings devices, such as Locks, lights, thermostats etc. You can do […]
Nov 10, 2014
  Samsung's efforts in the Smart home are already well underway. We have seen the robotic vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, the fridge, the TV in what BK Yoon, the chief executive of Samsung Electronics called ‘the Home of the Future’ at the IFA 2014. “The biggest change, the biggest transformation, it will happen in our […]

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