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Nov 9, 2017
Samsung is one of the largest manufactures of consumer electronics in the world. They have manufactured some pretty amazing phones in the past. However, as time goes by these devices […]
Nov 7, 2017
More and more people are getting enthused with Pocket Desktop PCs like UDOO X86 and Raspberry Pi 3. Lightweight laptops, such as Google’s Chromebook or Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, are […]
Nov 7, 2017
Most consumers think about the end-of-life smartphone cycle as a time to celebrate the arrival of a new smartphone while trading in the old smartphone for monetary value - or, […]
Nov 7, 2017
You might have often seen the codes like IP67 (in iPhone 7/8/X) or IP68 (in Samsung Galaxy S8). In general market language, these codes tells you something about the product […]
Nov 6, 2017
One of the major reasons for the growth of the Tizen store in recent times has been the huge increase in indie apps. A majority of these apps happen to be […]
Nov 2, 2017
Rumors of Samsung's in-display fingerprint sensor for the 2018 "Galaxy" have been whispers until now. Sure, we've heard that Samsung is already accepting optical fingerprint samples from companies, including its […]
Oct 31, 2017
Samsung, like all top OEMs, has operations in India. With the country having over 1 billion people and having supplanted the US to become the second largest smartphone market in […]
Oct 30, 2017
Welcome to the latest edition of the Tizen Experts weekly roundup. Our mission is to bring you all the Tizen News from around the world in one digestible post !!!! […]
Oct 30, 2017
Samsung Electronics is one of the top manufacturers of Consumer Electronics. They have mastered their ability to manufacture displays over time and are are now manufacturing curved displays. Samsung started […]
Oct 27, 2017
Back in May this year, we reported on a really interesting product from Samsung that made use of a Tizen smartphone to provide a cost effective solution for detecting diabetes mellitus […]
Oct 23, 2017
This is the latest Tizen Experts weekly roundup. You don't have to search around the net for all the Tizen News as its ALL here !!!! Below you will find […]
Oct 18, 2017
Some of our readers are getting ready to celebrate Diwali (Deepavali) in India and other countries. Here from Team TizenExperts we have got some Special Diwali Wallpapers / backgrounds for your Samsung Z1, […]
Oct 16, 2017
This is the latest Tizen Experts weekly roundup. We will cover all the Tizen related news for weekending 15th October. Remember to join our mailing list and Telegram channel if […]
Oct 12, 2017
Samsung Electronics has introduced two new camera sensors - ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and ISOCELL Slim 2X7 – for Smart phones on Wednesday. Samsung has four categories for their camera sensors; […]
Oct 11, 2017
Microsoft's mobile business has finally hit the surface (pardon the evil pun) as Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently admitted that there won't be any more developments for its Windows 10 Mobile […]
Oct 9, 2017
Welcome to the latest edition of the Tizen Experts weekly roundup for week ending 8 October. Below you will find all the Tizen News that we published last week. Remember […]
Oct 3, 2017
Samsung seem to have developed a strategy for its Tizen OS based smartphones, as most of the markets where Samsung has launched its Tizen phones, are of second tier ones […]
Oct 2, 2017
Welcome to the Tizen Experts weekly roundup for week ending 1Oct October. This is a quick summary of the Tizen related news stories that you might have missed from last […]
Sep 19, 2017
Samsung is a global giant in the electronics market with a firm grasp on smartphones. Samsung mobiles come with a host of features that cater to the needs of all […]
Sep 17, 2017
Today, Samsung Z4 users in India got a little software / firmware update for their mobiles. The latest update takes them to version BQI1 / Z400FDDU0BQI1. Before you get too […]
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