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Sep 13, 2021
Huawei has scheduled a new product launch on October 21 2021 in Vienna, starting at 3pm. Huawei hasn't revealed the name of the products to be launched, but we will find out soon. We expect the devices to be the P50 lineup, the P50 and the P50 Pro, and there will be no Mate 50 […]
Jul 8, 2021
A lot of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones are water-resistant. But in some cases, as the phone ages, the water resistance capability goes down by a lot. This app can tell you if your phone still has that capability. Though you may think that the only way to test this is to dunk the phone underwater. […]
Jun 27, 2021
Later this year sources claim that people may not get One UI 3.5 later this year, but in more generations in One UI. One UI 3.1.1 could be the next One UI Update There's no current explanation as to why Samsung is changing its update names very suddenly, though the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE being […]
May 19, 2021
Samsung has recently been the king of the folding smartphone market this year, and more phones are to come out this same week. These smartphones are said to be able to roll, fold and do the basic features of a folding phone altogether. Samsung has announced that they will indeed be releasing a new smartphone […]
Feb 17, 2021
When all the Samsung S21 devices were available for pre-order, the phone had one software problem that would drain its battery when not in use. Samsung has Sent an Update to Resolve the Issue The South Korea-based company was swift to push out an update, however, sources claim that this issue is caused by the […]
Feb 12, 2021
Samsung claims that these are great phones, but could these phones actually be useful? Let's find out. The Galaxy S21 was claimed to be a revolutionary device, but Samsung, as well as other hardware manufacturers, do a great job of selling their hardware. Is the S21 really a huge leap in tech and into a […]
Jan 13, 2021
The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra will be released tomorrow and is rumoured to have custom colours. This will be the first custom colours to appear in an S series smartphone. What the new Samsung S21 Colours are These custom colours can let people customise their phones to make it match them/look exactly […]
Jan 5, 2021
The current rumours, surrounding Samsung, are that the company will release its next-generation phones in January 2021, while its rival, Apple, continues to work on their folding phones. Can the new Galaxy phones beat Apple's offering? Let's see what all the fuss is about. While fall is synonymous with Apple events, revealing new iPhone models, […]
Dec 1, 2020
The PinePhone is a very popular smartphone with the Linux community. One of the main reasons is that it is open source hardware and already you can run several different flavours of Linux on it. Linux phones by "definition" do not have Google or Apple tracking baked into the Operating System. Do not expect to […]
Mar 23, 2020
With the current COVID-19 pandemic spreading, many people that are in need of medical help aren't seeking it. Who knows were the virus is hiding. This is a time where medical organisations should be implementing video calling doctors more heavily. Lets have a look at the medical pros and cons of video calls. Many countries […]
Mar 19, 2020
Many people around the world want to keep an eye on the COVID-19 pandemic. How many deaths? How many cases? Recoveries? Deaths? Which cities? Well now they can do that with ease as the Center for Systems Science and Engineering has built a coronavirus tracker dashboard for you to use. This tracks cases from around […]
Mar 16, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has been all over the news with several countries going into severe lockdown. During all of the panic and confusion, people have tried to benefit. Prices are going up and up and (mainly) antibacterial cleaning products have become scarce. Additionally, an Android app on your smartphone could be benefitting. How? Read on... […]
Feb 26, 2020
Health and fitness is a major concern to us all, especially in these modern times of unhealthy fast food and stress. Your smartphone does have the capability of helping you in this fight to improve yourself - both mentally and physically. Samsung Health can be an important tool in this fight and it has now […]
Nov 22, 2019
Facebook has been known for their security issues along these few years. Now, it's WhatsApp turn to have a security issue. Users have been told to update to the latest version of the app due to hackers accessing people's messages. The hackers are able to get to people's messages because of sharing an MP4 file […]
Oct 21, 2019
Right about now everyone and their dog knows about the Three network outage. Many people were left inconvenienced when they couldn't get any data and I would imagine so! Three blamed this issue on "maintenance". As well as this, people should know that if you were seriously inconvenienced by the network outage you could potentially […]
Oct 19, 2019
After Three's major outage a few days ago that left people without signal for hours, they are now having a massive deal for people in the UK. As compensation for what happened? Maybe. This deal includes UNLIMITED 4G mobile data, calls AND text messages AND Unlimited Tethering. The contact lasts for 24 months. For the […]
Oct 17, 2019
A huge Three mobile network outage has hit many parts of the UK, leaving thousands of customers unable to make / receive calls or use their mobile data. Social media channels have been inundated with users venting their frustration. Initial reports of the problems start surfacing from 1am Thursday, October 17. Further spikes of Three […]
Oct 11, 2019
It's not long to go now for the Annual Samsung developer event (SDC2019). As such, the Samsung Developer Program is getting ready to name the top 25 Best of Galaxy Store Awards. These Individuals or companies will be formally named at SDC! The Best of Galaxy Store Award recognizes publishers who have created apps, watch […]
Sep 6, 2019
It is that time of the month again when we see what the best apps and games were on the Tizen Store for the previously month - now August 2019. Generally, we have seen that WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Messenger have stayed in the top three. Although, in last months table, Facebook Messenger had […]
Sep 3, 2019
Huawei has big news, this news is that the company are still going to release the Huawei Mate 30 Series despite the US Ban. The series has been officially announced the launch of the smartphone series. When is it planned to be launched? The Huawei Mate 30 series is planned to be launched in Munich, […]
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