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Feb 28, 2018
We've seen an immense improvement in the quality and capabilities of low-cost smartphones in the last few years. But there still are millions of people around the world who simply cannot afford them. Low cost devices, such as Jio Phone in India, though not smart enough, are serving to the appetite for data and voice connectivity of […]
Dec 11, 2017
Samsung Electronics follows a routine of holding two semi-annual meetings with all its Senior executives and Chief executives during June and December every year. Now that we are in December, Samsung is slated to hold its global strategy meeting in Suwon, South Korea starting from this week. The meeting will focus on sharing the company's […]
Feb 11, 2011
GLOBAL – "Today Nokia announced plans for a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft to builds a new global mobile ecosystem" with "Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform". Damn. I know this was news that most of the MeeGo

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