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Sep 23, 2021
In Tizen, an app named the Hand Wash App was released. It would remind people to wash their hands regularly. This same app, with no changes, has been released for the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic. It can be downloaded using the Google Play Store, and auto-detects when you wash your hands […]
Apr 22, 2019
Update: Users are reporting that the problem has now been resolved. Users are currently experiencing problems of not being able to access the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App. When they try logging into the App they are welcomed by a white screen and are unable to do anything further. The Galaxy Wearable App is used to […]
Mar 9, 2019
The Samsung Galaxy Wearable App has received an update. Now, wearable users can experience the One UI design when using the app to connect and configure their smartwatch. The latest version is and you can download it either from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. When you launch the app it should automatically […]
Feb 25, 2019
You need to get fitter - these are words that we all know, but find it hard to take heed of. What if you have high or low blood pressure and want a fitness wearable device to help you keep an eye on it? Well, Samsung have released the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit […]
Nov 20, 2018
Pulse SMS is one of the best third-party text messenger for mobile devices. The fast and secure next-generation SMS and MMS app comes packed with all the features and customization you could want. Furthermore, it also allows you to view and send messages from more than just your phone. Pulse SMS has client applications for Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, […]
Nov 15, 2018
Strava, a fitness app that is used by millions and is designed to track and analyse your physical activities, has today been released for Samsung wearable devices. End users are able to track their fitness activities with the "Run, Walk or Ride" App. You can record your run, map a cycling route & analyze your training. […]
Nov 13, 2018
Samsung's wearable devices are getting a little more enticing for music lovers. Popular music streaming service Tidal has launched its app on Samsung's wearable lineup, which include Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2, as well as the Gear Fit2 and the Gear Fit2 Pro. This is Tidal’s first app for wearables, and will certainly excite […]
Mar 5, 2018
Have you ever experienced stress, or felt your heart rate accelerating and a feeing of helplessness overwhelming you? You might feel a constricting feeling in your chest. Doctors and specialists stress the importance of doing breathing exercises when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, but do you really remember this advice every time? Well, luckily now, […]
Jan 23, 2018
The available apps for Gear watches have been in short supply of lates, so it's nice to see another one hit the store. Tizen Gear App developer Andrzej Bugajny reached out to us with his latest Gear app, PYT - Player for YouTube. As the name suggests this is an Application that allows you to […]
Jan 10, 2018
During Samsung's CES 2018 Press Conference, the company announced that they will be bringing their SmartThings app to their latest wearables. With the app installed you will be able to connect and control your Samsung IoT enabled devices around your smart home. So far CES 2018 has seen an abundance of the Internet of Things […]
Dec 18, 2017
Samsung has been showing a lot of love to its wearables the past couple of months, pushing updates after updates and hence proving a point that its smartwatches can survive without Android Wear while showing the world the capabilities of Tizen as a flexible alternative. The most massive update we have seen in recent times […]
Dec 15, 2017
With all the advancements in technology, our approach to health has changed. Health no longer means just achieving physical perfection. Instead, people are more focused on what kind of food they eat, how well they sleep and whether they’re getting a well-balanced workout. But staying on top of it all can be a challenge. How […]
Dec 13, 2017
Your heart is one busy organ and every hard worker should be taken good care of. Samsung is bringing you a new tool to keep you updated on getting a healthier heart. With the Samsung HeartWise app a new dimension has been introduced to heart wellness. So If you are participating in a doctor-recommended heart […]
Dec 6, 2017
The technological world is in an exciting phase with the Artificial Intelligece (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain technologies leading the way. Cryptocurrency is another such technological investment that is gaining momentum pretty rapidly. Investment in cryptocurrencies has had an exponential growth in the recent past with the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reaching an […]
Dec 5, 2017
You might have spent a lot of time to make the best app ever known to mankind but that doesn't necessarily guarantee you that your app will go viral overnight and the Tech giants will be pouring in millions of dollars to buy it from you. Making a great app is just one phase of the […]
Nov 27, 2017
Samsung Gear S3 recently received the Tizen 3.0 roll-out and brought with it a range of new features and improvements. One such feature, that Samsung listed in the massive changelog of the update, read "PPT Controller: Command the audience and the presentation with the Gear S3 PPT controller." Since then, Gear S3 users has been […]
Nov 22, 2017
For swimmers, Christmas comes closer this year, with Samsung announcing new promising partnerships for all the fan of the water out there. Long story short, the South Korean company has partnered with Speedo, Under Armour and Spotify in order to support Gear Fit2 Pro with three unique features, that is, one feature per partner. First […]
Sep 19, 2017
The original Gear Fit2 has been around for a while and it now also has a successor in the Gear Fit2 Pro, which is currently rolling out to customers in the UK and the US. The Gear Fit2 was a decent fitness tracker wearable device with a beautiful curved Super Amoled display and a sleek design. […]
Sep 15, 2017
The Gear Fit2 Pro is Samsung's followup to the Gear Fit2, and, like all wearables, must be subject to the "apps" question: "are there apps available for the device?" The answer to this question is a resounding "yes," as the Gear Fit2 Pro has fitness training apps available for it. Which apps are Gear Fit2 […]
Sep 12, 2017
Samsung will be showcasing three new apps that will be integrated with the Gear S2 and S3 going forward, at MWC Americas. One of the apps is Reemo which is designed as a companion for the elderly. The app tracks the activity level, heart rate and quality of sleep which they get. It is especially […]
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