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Jan 31, 2018
The features, abilities and skills of Amazon Alexa has increased exponentially in the last few months or so. She already has more than 30,000 skills in her repertoire and Amazon is adding to it every other day. Alexa can already make calls and now the latest update mean she can send text messages too. Amazon […]
Jan 22, 2018
Bitcoin being a digital currency requires a digital account to hold funds. For virtual currencies, this is something called a wallet. Over the years, various crypto wallets have been created to meet the needs of bitcoin users. Since transactions involving bitcoins are conducted over the internet, this raises security issues. While the first point of […]
Nov 29, 2013
  Samsung has been championing its own messaging app or potential platform for quite a while now. In the last few months it has added a whopping 50 Million to take its total number of users to over 100 Million. ChatOn comes preinstalled in the majority of Samsung's phones. Google has recently added the SMS […]
Jun 18, 2013
  [youtube][/youtube] SMS/ER is an messaging application designed to manage SMS messages and drafts so you can quickly use them whenever required. SMS/ER was the result of a port from Bada OS. This is the second beta of SMS/ER for Tizen and and will incorporate other features. This is by no means the final product […]

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