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Nov 6, 2017
If you own a Tizen device and you are a Telegram user like me, today’s there’s a fresh update of the Telegram app waiting for you. I owe you just a clarification before going into details: I am not talking about the official Telegram app, since there is no official Telegram app - at least, […]
Aug 30, 2017
As we all know, last month Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) released a Telegram client app for the Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 Tizen Smartphones. It has already received 2 updates: one is in July (version 0.1.1) and another earlier this month (version 0.1.2). They also promised to bring more features by August and September. Today, they bring […]
Aug 4, 2017
Telegram is a popular Instant Messaging app that currently enjoys over 100 Million active users per month. Previously we have reported on a native unofficial Telegram app has been released by Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) on the Tizen Store. Now, the messaging app has received another update, following update 0.1.1, taking it to version 0.1.2. In this latest […]
Jul 28, 2017
We recently reported on a new Telegram client courtesy of Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) that can be found in the Tizen Store. This is a native app so you can rest assured that it will be fast and responsive. Telegram Messenger is a versatile messaging application that is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as desktop […]
Jul 20, 2017
If you're a Tizen smartphone user and were waiting for the Telegram app to be released for your mobile, then there is some good news for you. A native unofficial Telegram app has been released by Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) on the Tizen Store. There seems to be quite a bit of mobile news lately, […]

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