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Nov 11, 2011
Recently PR 1.1 upgrade notification poped up on my N950 developer device and as normal reflex I started upgrade. This time update was supported over wifi and upgrade gone well, with some low memory warning which we can safely ignore.But after upgrade I found that I could no longer ssh to device with root account. […]
Oct 24, 2011
Here is a post by Leho Kraav on his website to Enable ssh [email protected] with public key authentication: With aegis watching over us like a true eye in the sky, getting N950 to let you ssh in as unprivileged user with public key authentication took a bit of effort. Sure, you couldssh [email protected] and then su – […]
Sep 10, 2011
OpenSSH (or OpenBSD Secure Shell), the network communications security utility suite has been updated to version 5.9. Here’s the complete changelog since OpenSSH 5.8. Features Sandboxing of the pre-authorized privilege separated child: An optional sshd_config(5) "UsePrivilegeSeparation=sandbox" mode has been introduced that enables mandatory restrictions on the syscalls the privsep child can perform. You can select from three […]

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