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Jul 28, 2016
Samsung's flagship line of TVs for 2016- The SUHD TVs are now being pushed with a new firmware update that further enhances their HDR (High Dyamic Range) capabilities. Samsung have branded the new feature in the firmware update as HDR+ and according to the company's press release, "The firmware update is designed to enhance High […]
Apr 13, 2016
Samsung has announced details of its 2016 line up of SUHD TVs for the US. And is bring in a whopping 16 different TV sets that are all UHD-A’s Premium UHD certified and fall under a total of 5 series which also includes a Flagship model series dubbed as the KS9800 series. Samsung has been […]
Jan 6, 2015
  It is with a huge smile that I say Samsung launched their SUHD Lineup of Tizen TVs at the packed Samsung Press Conference at CES 2015. The TVs hold the promise of a superior picture which has 64 times more color expression and will be 2.5 times brighter than conventional TVs. The TV will […]

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