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Mar 14, 2017
Samsung is continuing to grow the number of countries supported for its mobile payment service Samsung Pay. We recently reported that Samsung would begin offering the service in Sweden and […]
Mar 7, 2017
According to an online publication, Samsung's mobile payment solution Samsung Pay will launch in Sweden later this year. This news comes courtesy of Va Finans, a leading finance portal for active […]
Aug 15, 2011
  Seriously Nokia, its getting a bit hard (impossible) to follow your Logic. The Website for the Swedish Nokia N9 has disappeared !!!! This was a page that previously […]
Aug 9, 2011
  So for some reason the count down timer on Nokia Sweden Website has disappeared. Does this spell pain for Nokia Fans in Sweden ? The timer was counting down to September […]
Aug 4, 2011
  Nokia Sweden has posted up a countdown clock at their swipe page. Its ticking its way down to September 23rd – which is the release date of the […]
Jul 15, 2011
 Are you from Sweden ? Fancy having a hard Play with the Nokia N9, giving feedback and then KEEPING it ? Over at the Nokia N9 Sweden Pilot Page that […]
Jun 23, 2011
  According to an official press release from the 3 Group (European Carrier), Nokia's newly announced MeeGo handset the Nokia N9 will be released in Sweden on September 23, 2011. […]

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