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Jul 17, 2017
Remember the QuickPDF app that was available for devices running version Tizen 2.3? This was the only app on the Store that allowed you to create PDF documents on your Tizen mobile. Well, good news for Tizen users as the app is now back on the Tizen store, once again, and supports Tizen 2.3, 2.4 and […]
Jun 16, 2017
Recently, we have had a number of Ramadan apps that have been released for Tizen smartphones. If you don't know, Ramadan is the month that Muslims observe strict fasting, prayer and hope to spiritually cleanse themselves. The following applications launched will help you with various aspects of Ramadan, including recipes that help with the facts or […]
Jun 13, 2017
An application called Quran that has been released in the Tizen Store. This app lets you read the Quran anywhere you happen to be, during Travel, or in Masjid, after Namaz - enhancing your recitation and spiritual experience in Ramadan, which known as the month of blessing in Islam and all Muslim want to read the […]

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