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Jul 18, 2014
  There was lots to see at the recent Tizen Developer Summit in Russia this month, but the majority of keynotes and presentations were in Russian. Well if you do speak Russian and have an interest in Tizen Development then we have a treat for you. Below are LOADS of videos from the event courtesy […]
Jun 18, 2014
OpenMobile have been with the Tizen OS since the good old MeeGo days, bringing over 400,000 applications to our late beloved OS. For those that do not know about OpenMobile, they have developed an Android Compatibility Layer (ACL) solution which enables them to run Android applications on Tizen, among other platforms. What this means for […]
Jun 15, 2014
Last november we had the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul, Korea. The 2nd Tizen Developer Summit was a regional, technical conference for:   "Tizen developers, App developers, ISVs, Platform designers, Operators, OEMs, Hardware vendors, Software vendors, Open source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen"   This time, the Asia Tizen event is being held in Shanghai, […]
Jun 11, 2014
  The Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco was a great place to be, with all the Tizen demo's and hardware in the shape of the Tizen TV, Tizen Smart watches, Tizen Smart phone, and also the Intel NUC device, that runs Tizen common. There was also some excellent keynotes, but if you somehow missed […]
Jun 9, 2014
  The following video was recorded at the Tizen Developer Conference last week in San Francisco. Tomasz Olszak is an Open Source enthusiast and talks about Qt for Tizen, which is a project that was founded in May 2013. He talks about the history of Qt when Nokia bought it in 2008, its acquisition by […]
Jun 2, 2014
  Samsung showed off their Tizen TV Prototype to developers at the Tizen Developer Conference today. The user interface is a work in progress at the moment, but does show what the TV is currently capable of, and will have the ability of integrating further services in the future. Tizen is a true linux open […]
Jun 2, 2014
  The wait has been long, but the good news is that Samsung have confirmed that they will be launching a Tizen Smartphone in Russia Q3 2014, but will also have it on display at this weeks Tizen Developer Conference. The date quoted is the 3rd June, but it should actually be later on today, model number Samsung […]
May 29, 2014
  Dear Student Developers, here is a quick reminder that you can register for the upcoming Tizen Developer Conference next week for the amazing price of FREE !!! The ​3rd ​annual ​Tizen ​Developer ​Conference ​is ​a ​technical ​conference ​for ​Tizen ​developers, ​App ​developers, ​ISVs, ​Platform ​designers, ​Operators, ​OEMs, ​Hardware ​vendors, ​Software ​vendors, ​Open ​source ​enthusiasts, ​and ​anyone ​engaged ​in ​Tizen     What you need to do Register for the Tizen Developer Conference HERE Use the Code: TDCUNIV14 to get your student discount   Conference details […]
May 26, 2014
  The lucky Bee's that attended the Tizen Developers Conference were presented a free Tizen based Samsung Gear 2. For free! But you could get lucky too! All you have to do is win a competition by sending a tweet. You can send 5 tweets as long as they contain the keywords/hashtags #WinGear2 and #TDCSF2014 and […]
May 23, 2014
  The Tizen Developer Conference 2014, which is scheduled to take place June 2-4, at the Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, is gearing up be unlike any of the previous Tizen conferences. We have Tizen devices in the market place, the Samsung Gear 2 and Smart Camera's, which are all obviously based on the Tizen Operating […]
May 23, 2014
 Do you want to grab a FREE Tizen Samsung Gear 2 & a FREE Tizen Intel NUC? Well you can grab them at the upcoming Tizen Developer Conference next week, in San francisco CA, you just need to get registering NOW! We are now seeing Tizen branch beyond Mobile and IVI into new devices and […]
May 22, 2014
  At the upcoming Tizen Developer Conference, Intel are giving away a Intel NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE device to qualifying attendees. This unit is Powered by a 64-bit Intel® Atom™ processor E3815, and comes with 4 GB of Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) storage built in, which will be plenty to run Tizen and potentially other Linux distributions […]
May 19, 2014
  The Tizen Developer Conference #TDCSF14, is now only a matter of weeks away, June 2 - 4, 2014. There was a special Room Block reserved for the TDC attendees, with discounted rates that has been extended until TODAY. If you haven't booked your room at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, then get your […]
May 16, 2014
  We previously mentioned some rumours that we heard on the grapevine, that the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch was going to be this years Tizen Conference Developer give away, and it turn out we were RIGHT! All Tizen Developer Conference attendees will be getting their own piece of Smartwatch bling. "If you've checked out the […]
May 14, 2014
  I know that not everyone can afford to get to San Francisco CA, in order to attend the Tizen Developer Conference, and thats why Tizen Developers can now win an all-expenses paid trip to visit this years Tizen Developer Conference!!! What you’ll win A ticket to attend the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 taking place […]
May 14, 2014
  Next month we have the third annual Tizen Developer Conference taking place in San Francisco, June 2-4. A chance for Tizen developers to come together, share ideas, learn and create our community. Did I actually say learn? Well, the best conferences are the ones that give you some hands on knowledge and why should […]
May 13, 2014
  The site Sammobile have just tweeted a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 1, running what they claim is Tizen, the same Operating System that is running on the Samsung Gear 2. We have previously heard some wispers of Tizen running on the Gear 1, but this is some public proof for you. This […]
May 8, 2014
  One of the developer's that is engaging more with Tizen, and the Tizen community is our very own Lean Anavi. Leon has been involved with the Tizen wiki, porting Tizen to Sunxi devices, and also porting Qt to Tizen. In addition to this he has had the opportunity to talk about Tizen at several […]
May 5, 2014
  Things are heating up for the Tizen Developer Conference, that will be held in San Francisco next month (June 2-4). We have had the announcements of the session schedule, Marmalade developer discount, and the DevLab, and now theres more. We are hearing that there maybe a quantity of Tizen Gear 2 Smart watches, that […]
Apr 29, 2014
  The 3rd Annual Tizen Developer conference is being held in San Francisco once again, from June 2-4 and definitely promises to excite. Tizen has recently emerged onto the wearable market with the Introduction of the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smart watches, and commercial devices with Tizen profiles like TV and IVI […]

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