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Feb 18, 2015
  Terminology version 0.8 has been released and is available for immediate download. Terminology is a terminal emulator program that is written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), and has some extra features when compared to standard Terminal apps. You can download the tarball either as terminology-0.8.0.tar.xz or as terminology-0.8.0.tar.gz.   Changelog Add a visual tab […]
Oct 14, 2014
Recently was saw EFL Developer Day 2014 taking place in Düsseldorf Germany, but there is also other good news, a new version of Terminology has been released. Terminology is a terminal emulator application that is written with EFL, you can find further information on the application on its about page. Main changes Internationalization and Localization […]
Sep 12, 2014
  Terminology is a terminal emulator written using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and provides you with lots of extra bells and whistles. It emulates an extended VT100 Terminal with some extensions: Most escapes supported by xterm, rxvt etc. work Xterm 256 color escapes work Backgrounds (bitmap, scalable/vector, animated gif, videos) Transparency Bitmap and scalable fonts […]
Nov 25, 2013
  Announcing first Beta release (Beta 1) of EFL 1.8, which is now available for download at:   Relevant components: Please note: If you are compiling the above, the it is advised to compile them in the following order: efl elementary emotion_generic_players evas_generic_loaders If you have an existing EFL or […]

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