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Feb 19, 2015
  TecAce Software, a leader in embedded systems development, has today announced that they have become an official partner in the Tizen Association Partner Program. They hope to become the best mobile solutions provider in the world, and joining the Tizen Open Source community will enable them to be part of the cutting edge of […]
Jun 11, 2014
The Tizen Association Partner Program was initially launched with 36 members at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul, Korea 2013. Since then we've had another batch of 15 members, and recently 37 more members joining. The goal of the Tizen Association Partner Program is to: ... work with key players in the industry and provide […]
May 29, 2014
  The Tizen Association today announced an additional 37 new partners that will be joining the Tizen Partner Program, which was initially launched at the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea, November 2013, and now stands at a total of 88 partners. Collectively they will bring their expertise together for the development of the Tizen Operating […]
Feb 13, 2014
  The Tizen Association today have announced 15 New Members that have joined the Tizen Association Partner Program. The new members include mobile game publishers, operators, application developers, mobile software management vendors and major telecommunications companies. As with most Partner Programs, the new members will be able to get involved with Working Groups, Tizen Association […]
Nov 27, 2013
Glasgow based Keypoint Technologies, creators of user interaction systems, has joined the Tizen Association Partner Program. This will benefit the community from Keypoints skills and knowledge to get the best possible user experience. The Tizen Association is an industry consortium that supports the development of Tizen. Tizen is an open-source software platform and operating system […]
Nov 26, 2013
  AppCarousel is a leading turnkey Custom App Store Platform and provider of content ecosystem services, which enables app recruitment, curation, merchandising, distribution and monetization across any screen and serves as a trusted partner to major organizations by powering their app strategies and making apps a key part of their business. AppCarousel enables device manufacturers, […]
Nov 22, 2013
  Devices, from ships to refrigerators, phones  and climate systems, are interconnected at an ever increasing speed. And that calls for a simple platform: Unified and open source. A platform that contains a lot of apps and all these apps need to be found and used in a simple, clean way. Quixey’s goal as a […]
Nov 12, 2013
  The Tizen Association has welcomed another company to become part of the Tizen Association Partner Program. 11 Bit Studio are a game development company based in Poland. About 11 Bit Studios: We are 11 bit studios – a game development company based in Warsaw, Poland, Europe, Planet Earth. Before founding the company, core crew […]
Jan 2, 2012
    Today a new website has raised it heads from the ashes of the LimoFoundation. We are now presented with the Tizen Associates, a website and association that is designed to enable key stakeholders to actively shape the industry role of Tizen and develop its market presence. Tizen Association is led by a Board […]

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