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Nov 16, 2017
At Tizen Experts, our job is to bring you the latest in the world of Tizen. This operating system started about six years ago and since then it has been developing consistently into what it is today. The Tizen Store has a host of apps and games many of which have won different awards. Today, […]
Nov 10, 2017
The Tizen Store is gradually growing and app developers have been putting increased effort to include more apps in the store. The strength of any operating system is greatly dependent on the number of apps it has and Tizen has put some incentive measures in place to encourage developers to build more apps for the […]
Nov 8, 2017
For the past ten months, we have been reporting on all the top 100 Tizen mobile apps that won the $1,000 reward every month as part of the Tizen mobile app incentive program. If you have been following them then you might have noticed that many of the apps in those top 100 list every […]
Oct 16, 2017
Ensuring that there is an abundance of quality apps in the store can play a major factor in how successful a smartphone OS can become. Microsoft happened to learn that the hard way, on the other hand Samsung had started a Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program with an intention of getting developers to build quality apps […]
Sep 12, 2017
WhatsApp was an app that enjoyed the number one spot in the Tizen Store almost from the first time it was released on the Tizen Smartphone Platform, but times change and its time for it to get dislodged from the top spot. IMO, an instant messaging chat and video calls app, which happens to be […]
Aug 10, 2017
The Tizen store has been a really hot place for new app entries ever since Samsung introduced the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program. The program awards the developers of the top 100 downloaded apps every month with a $10,000 cash. Many Indie developers have taken this opportunity to release some really interesting and useful apps spread […]
Jul 21, 2017
In the beginning of 2017, Samsung announced the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program that would award the top 100 most downloaded apps every month with a $10,000 incentive. This was an initiative to boost the app count and quality on the Tizen which showed a very slow rate of improvement just a year ago. 2017 […]
Jul 13, 2017
The top 100 apps and winners for the month of June are out. Late last year, Samsung introduced the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program. In this program, developers whose apps are among the top 100 apps for each month while the program last will take home $10,000 each. The program will run until October 2017 but right now, the winners for June 2017 have […]
Jun 20, 2017
The Tizen Mobile App Incentive program sponsored by Samsung is still ongoing with each app on the top 100 most downloaded list is assured of $10,000. The program will run until October 2017 with 5 months gone already. Samsung newsroom recently caught up with the developers of one of the winning app/games for the month of April, […]
Jun 13, 2017
Tizen is a great platform for developers to showcase their skills and ability to develop amazing apps. It has always shown its support for developers and this was echoed in the just concluded Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017, which held on the17th and 18th of May at Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco. As a way […]
May 23, 2017
Samsung-sponsored Tizen Mobile App Incentive program is still ongoing with each app on the top 100 assured of $10,000 each. The program will run until October 2017 but right now, the winners for April 2017 has just been announced. If you don't know, the program is open to all developers and already, the statistics for […]
Apr 12, 2017
March 2017 has come and gone and that means the March Top 100 apps of the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program have been announced. Winners are being contacted right now so they can have their share of $9 million in cash and prizes. You could even earn $10,000 if you make it to the Top 100. The program is […]
Mar 14, 2017
Earlier in February, Samsung announced a great program to get skilled developers onboard to the Tizen Mobile environment and start making quality apps for the platform. The Tizen Incentive program involved awarding top 100 apps every month with $10,000 cash. Now that February is out of the way, the list of Top 100 apps which will […]
Jan 11, 2017
Samsung have announced a new Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program for 2017 to boost Tizen app development. The program will run between February 1st to October 31st while the participation registration has already started. Samsung are giving away a mammoth $10,000 cash incentive for the top 100 apps every month through this program which should […]
Nov 11, 2016
A new incentive is available to developers as part of the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program and is offering up to $9 million in cash in prizes. You could even earn a mouth watering $10,000 every month, for the 9 months the program runs for,  that is if your app is ranked the monthly top 100. Get developing your […]

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