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Feb 24, 2021
Samsung smartwatches have always run the Tizen OS, made by Samsung themselves. This very same OS ran on a series of Samsung phones that have now stopped being produced by the company. Now, Samsung may stop producing Tizen smartwatches and convert them to Android ones. While the Tizen OS allows Samsung to have complete control […]
Aug 16, 2013
  Samsung have developed a Tizen smartphone code named SM-Z9005 according to Zauba shipment records. Shipment records reveal Tizen devices are being sent to developers in India. We know that India is one of the strategic target markets for the Tizen operating system , and that Samsung developers in India have aided in Tizen OS […]
Apr 15, 2013
    The images of the top and front drawings recently appeared in the recent FCC filings. We know the new model will have a 20.3 MP CMOS Censor as well as WiFi 802.11n capabilities and if history is to repeat itself will run the Tizen Operating System. Traces of Tizen OS have already been […]
Apr 11, 2013
    Update: this camera is most likely the Samsung NX2000. The above picture is of a not-yet-announced Samsung NX camera that runs on the Android or Tizen OS (you can see the home button on the right). I do not have any other details, but Samsung is rumored to be working on mirrorless NX […]
Mar 12, 2013
  Now coalition of other Samsung-Intel and other OS 2.0 only application now Mr. Radio App poster demonstration scene / App MWC from a total of four public / App developer in Korea only participated App poster App poster describes the yunyeogil Team Leader. Listening to the radio automatically tailored to the weather   Source […]
Feb 28, 2013
  All the mobile OS underdogs are coming out to play at this year’s Mobile World Congress — from Firefox OS, to Ubuntu and Jolla’s Sailfish — rushing in to fill the void left by Google’s lack of any Android marketing mania. Now it’s Tizen’s turn. At an event in Barcelona this evening Samsung-backed Tizen […]
Feb 28, 2013
  The operating system is seen as a potential alternative to the dominance of Android, and has been driven in part by demand by carriers for a more open OS that they can tinker with. Beyond the two key players, the night was a celebration of other partners, including Huawei, which is joining the steering […]
Feb 27, 2013
  If you want to beat Android, try, try Tizen again. After years of false starts, we've gone hands-on for our first proper look at Tizen, an operating system backed by Samsung and Intel as well as other major mobile players, and one that could help the mobile industry cut its ties with Google. It's […]

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