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Dec 18, 2014
  Below are the slides that were presented at the recent Tizen DevLab and Portathon 2014 in London, UK. This was an Opportunity for App Developers to learn about the Tizen Operating System, SDK, Web runtime, APIs and how they could port their app to Tizen.     Tizen SDK and App Development presented by […]
Dec 3, 2014
  Recently we had the release of the Tizen 2.3 SDK, and now we have a maintenence release of Tizen 2.3 Rev1 SDK which is available to available via the SDK download page.   Highlights and Improvements Native API Bug fixes for Network API module in Native API. IDE & Tools Change Author certificate Policy Default […]
Nov 25, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung TV SDK 1.0 has been released today. This follows the beta that was previously released at the start of July. The SDK provides developers with the tools they need to begin developing for the Tizen-based Samsung TV platform. The toolset includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a Web Simulator […]
Nov 9, 2014
  The Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) are pleased to announce that Tizen 2.3 SDK is now available and also includes support for the wearable profile. The Tizen SDK is a set of tools for developing Tizen Web and Native applications which runs on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac OS X.   Highlights of this release […]
Oct 6, 2014
  Today the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) have announced the release of the Tizen SDK Wearable final version 1.0.0. Earlier this month we saw Beta 3 being released and adding support for the Gear S Smartwatch. The Tizen SDK is a comprehensive set of tools for developing Tizen Web and Native applications. It consists […]
Oct 6, 2014
  Samsung are serious about Tizen and their wearable devices such as the Gear 2 and the Gear S, as can be seen from the agenda of their Samsung Developer Conference. In order to help developers they have released two videos that should make it easier for them to create great Tizen wearable applications. The […]
Oct 2, 2014
  The Tizen 2.3 Beta SDK has been released and is available for immediate download (links below), and now includes support for the Tizen wearable profile. We would hope that Tizen 2.3 beta source code will also be released soon, which would enable additional hardware vendors to develop Tizen wearable devices, adding to the Tizen […]
Sep 8, 2014
  The Smartwatch market is certainly going to be a lucrative space for the companies that can be first to release their products, go through the lessons learnt cycle, and also be able to build a viable application ecosystem on top of it, which shouldn't be confused with standard smartphone apps, as not all apps […]
Sep 4, 2014
  Following the launch of the Tizen based Samsung Gear S, Samsung have not wasted any time in releasing an update to the Tizen wearable SDK, which adds Gear S support in version 1.0.0 Beta 3.     There is also new documentation which covers: Hello Accessory Developer's Guide
Aug 18, 2014
  Earlier we posted a method to root (jailbreak) your Samsung Gear 2 / Gear Neo by Skin1980, and one of the great features is that you can install apps onto your Gear 2 Smartwatch from non Samsung Smartphones !!!! As we know, the Gear 2 can currently ONLY work with certain Samsung phones, but […]
Jul 8, 2014
  If you want to install the Tizen TV SDK Beta 1.0, but just need a bit of a helping hand, then maybe this video is going to be of some use to you. It will giude you through not only the installation process, but also hand hold you through testing your applications.   Video […]
Jul 2, 2014
  Samsung showed off their Tizen TV Prototype at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco last month, with the promise that the Tizen Samsung TV SDK 1.0 Beta would be released in early July, and right on track, its LAUNCHED !!!! Now developers can begin developing or porting applications to the Tizen TV platform. […]
Jun 17, 2014
  The unofficial Tizen SDK Live DVD has now been updated to the latest version of lubuntu 14.04, and you can download the ISO image now. This is a all in one integrated Lubuntu ISO Image. This images has the full Tizen SDK 2.2.1 installation at the /opt directory. You can try it as a live CD […]
Jun 3, 2014
The Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) have announced that the Tizen 2.3 Alpha source code and SDK are now available, including support for the wearable profile, which means that manufacturers can now use the Tizen Operating System  for their own devices. Highlights of this release include, among other improvements: Performance improvement and more lightweight webkit as well as webkit […]
Mar 25, 2014
  Marmalade Technologies added support for Tizen in their SDK in the middle of last year and built on it in subsequent updates, allowing developers to deploy their existing and new Marmalade games directly into the Tizen ecosystem. We have previously featured loads of videos from Marmalade showing how to deploy a game or application, using Quick […]
Mar 18, 2014
  The Tizen Samsung Wearable SDK 1.0.0 Beta 1 was released yesterday for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches. Below are the direct links for the Install Manager and SDK Images: Install Manager PLATFORM INSTALL MANAGER FILE SIZE MD5 CHECKSUM UPDATED DATE Ubuntu® 32bits tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu32.bin 4.0M 7c54fc04ebef6fb7162760070c6a0524 Mar 17, 2014 Ubuntu® 64bits tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu64.bin 4.1M […]
Mar 17, 2014
  Samsung today have announced that the Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for Wearables is now available to download at the Tizen Developer website. The Tizen Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are seen are strategic gateways that will attract developers at large to populate a new Tizen Smartwatch ecosystem, but then also lead […]
Jan 24, 2014
  Tizen OS 3.0 is slated to be released in the second half of 2014, and theres lots of enhancements coming with that particular OS. With a new OS there always comes a new SDK, this one being Tizen 3.0 SDK. If your the kind of person that likes dabbling, then theres a little hack […]
Dec 25, 2013
With the Dynamic Analyzer in the Tizen SDK developers can work on improving the performance and stability of their applications in a smart and simple way. Using it will developers help to find the bottlenecks, like memory use and stability, files, threads, network, interaction with OpenGL applications and many of the library functions. Some of […]
Dec 23, 2013
  Titanium release, 3.2.0 is now available. It supports Tizen 2.2 out of the Tin and comes along with more features to make your app development faster and potentially easier. Note: Once you upgrade to Studio 3.2.0, all of your existing Alloy-based apps will need to be re-compiled with the 3.2.0 SDK. As always, we keep up […]

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