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Feb 27, 2018
Smart home Lights in recent times have become quite common thanks to the growing IoT market. But more recently, we are getting to see these lights being controlled with just […]
Jan 24, 2018
An important feature of the Raspberry Pi is the row of GPIO pins, where GPIO stands for general purpose input/output. It will allow us to communicate between Pi and the […]
Jan 16, 2018
If you ever happened to be in a place such as a hotel or a workplace where they only provided an Ethernet connection and you needed Wifi to get your […]
Oct 5, 2017
Samsung is working hard to make their Samsung Pay successful. With partnerships with popular banks and major credit card companies, Samsung Pay is in the lead of the so-called Digital Payment […]
Jan 5, 2016
  Samsung Z3 Screenshot Have you ever wanted to capture something on-screen but didn’t know how to take a screenshot? We’ve all been there. As a tech writer and diehard […]
Jun 25, 2015
  Tizen’s architecture is appealing to both Web and Native developers alike. We have a Web API that allows app developers to create programs using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and also a Native […]
Apr 20, 2015
The Samsung Z1 is the world's first commercial Tizen Smartphone and hopefully it will not be the last. Update: The Samsung Z2, Z3 and Z4 have come out since. Some […]
Apr 16, 2015
  Contributing to the Tizen Community Tizen is an Open Source Linux project and therefore we encourage developers to join and contribute to the Tizen project and the Tizen Community, […]
Nov 29, 2013
  Here is a tutorial from the Tizen site that demonstrates how you can utilize generic Tizen Device API features, such as filters, sorting modes, location information, and generic event […]
Nov 24, 2011
This is the first in a series of tutorials on developing a full featured version of Breakout. This tutorial will cover drawing primitive objects on the screen using the Canvas […]
Aug 25, 2011
  Here is a Qt Quick Quick 3D Video Tutorial:     The code can be found on There is Qt Quick 3D Documentation on offer and also you […]
Aug 17, 2011
  Are you looking at Developing Applications for the Nokia N900 using Qt? Well if the answer is yes then your in luck. I found a good tutorial that can […]

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