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Sep 19, 2012
  Twitter client for MeeGo. Features: 7 picture upload services Username auto-completion Home, Mentions, Messages "Undo tweet" Search, Conversations, Favorites, Lists Block user Dark and Light themes Font size customization […]
Jun 7, 2012
    Slowly we have seen more Twitter Apps being released for the Nokia N9 and here is a another one going by the name of "Rocket". Check it out: […]
Jan 14, 2012
  Introduction This installment of our series on developing HTML5 applications for AppUp focuses on authenticating with a remote service and displaying information relayed from that service. It covers the […]
Aug 28, 2011
    Minor update to TwimGo this weekend. Release notes for v3.0.6: Pull down timeline to refresh Scroll to bottom to automatically load more tweets Reply to direct message is […]
Jul 20, 2011
  Developers sighed a sigh of relief as the first twitter client TwimGo capable of running on the Nokia N950 (MeeGo Harmattan) was let loose by @vgrade as can be […]
Jul 11, 2011
  TwimGo, a twitter client developed by Tommi Laukkanen has been now updated to version 2.9.0. TwimGo is a Twitter client for Maemo, Symbian and MeeGo devices. It containes all […]
Mar 2, 2011
Here is a quick video showing a Twitter application by the fine people at Intelloware which is still under development at the moment. It is being developed for MeeGo and […]

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