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Aug 21, 2021
Twitter has recently updated their service, to the U.S, South Korea, and Australia, so that mobile users can now report tweets by tapping the 3 dotted menu and selecting report tweet. You can put in the option "It's Misleading" Twitter will then ask for further information about what is wrong with the certain tweet. Twitter […]
Nov 21, 2020
Twitter is now rolling out their launch of “Fleets” to various markets. What are “Fleets”? The easiest way to explain this one is to think of it like Instagram stories, but this time it’s for Twitter. We’ve become accustomed to Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and I presume Twitter felt left out? Well, actually it turns […]
Dec 20, 2019
If you're using the Twitter app on an Android device then you could potentially be open to a cyber attack due to a vulnerability. This was due to the fact that somebody will be able to see nonpublic account information or even be able to control your account to a certain degree. For example, they […]
Aug 15, 2019
A tweet has recently gone viral as a teenage girl, named Dorothy, has been defying her mom after she had taken away her electronics. How did she defy? She sent a tweet from the family's LG smart fridge. Before this, the 15-year-old had tweeted from her Nintendo Wii U and her Nintendo 3DS. As a […]
Jan 16, 2019
TweetDeck, a desktop app for the Twitter social media platform, has had its client for the Mac OS updated. Some new features have been Introduced as well as some necessary bug fixes. One of the major features Introduced for Mac OS Mojave users is a a new Dark Mode. According to Twitter, the app has […]
Sep 18, 2018
For the last couple of years, Twitter has been fiddling with users' timelines, trying to show the best tweets first, based on an algorithm. The social network tried inserting tweets people "might have missed" or tweets that were supposedly "liked" by people they follow. However, not everyone was a fan of the algorithmic timeline, as many users […]
Aug 14, 2018
In April 2017, Twitter showed us their data friendly platform that they called Twitter Lite. For some time, it could only act as an app through Google Chrome. But, in December of the same year, Twitter Lite was launched as an actual and separate app on Google Play in 24 different markets. Today Twitter Lite […]
May 4, 2018
Twitter is urging all of its more than 330 million users to change their password - Immediately. It has come after the company found that a bug had caused its servers to store passwords in unmasked form. While internal investigations by Twitter didn't find evidence of any breach or misuse of the passwords, the company […]
Mar 26, 2018
Reliance Jio, India's largest 4G network offers high-speed mobile internet connection with its Jio phones. WhatsApp is said to be partnering with the Jio Phone which runs on KaiOS to bring its chat applications to the platform. Jio phones, which offers affordable phones on 4G networks, have been the rage since last year. Although the […]
Nov 8, 2017
Twitter is one of the most popular and most used social media networks but the thought that a single tweet does not exceed 140 characters is unbearable for some users who have a lot on their minds. After a successful trial run with select users, Twitter announced yesterday that it is officially increasing its character […]
Oct 12, 2015
  Samsung Electronics’ new smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2, combines a touchscreen with an innovative hardware bezel and buttons for a completely new and unique user experience. Now, Samsung are reminding us that as well as outstanding hardware, devices also need a strong list of partners that take it to the next level.   The […]
Nov 21, 2013
We had previously reported on Twitter's plans on enabling a change to their Direct Messaging feature that would allow people you are not following to Direct Message (DM) you. This would of been a "killer" feature as going through the pain of both parties following just in order to SM each was a little old […]
Oct 19, 2013
  Soon Twitter will be changing the way its direct messages work. Traditionally in "Twitter land" if you wanted to send anyone a Direct Message then that person had to be following you and vice versa. Now that is all about to change with the new settings that have started rolling out this week. If […]
Jul 23, 2013
  There have been some rumblings surrounding what Samsung's Intentions are with Tizen following the Tweet from Eldar Murtazin about them abandoning the OS for another Android based OS. We had Intel confirm that they had honourable intentions with Tizen followed by Samsung. Now we have some information via the Samsung Poland Twitter account that […]
Jun 24, 2013
[youtube][/youtube]   Here's a preview of a Tizen app for Twitter running on the Tizen developer device , This app is based on HTML5 and developed by MatchBoxMobile. This app certainly seems be responsive with fast scrolling and exites us with the potential of the Tizen operating system.   Source MatchBox  
Mar 25, 2013
  It looks like there are more users that are getting the Nokia N9 twitter update pushed down to their devices, update 1.3.90+0m8 to be specific.   It looks like the following packages got update: twitter-qml_1.3.90+0m8_armel.deb twitter-meego_1.3.90+0m8_armel.deb libmeegotwitter1_1.3.90+0m8_armel.deb Did yours get updated ?
Jun 18, 2012
  Who wants to be able to post to FaceBook and Twitter from the Status Bar ? Oh Good, almost everyone 🙂 Developer MAG has updated his hacked Status Bar. Quick status updates is a status menu plugin that allows you to post Facebook and Twitter status updates from the status menu (not many statuses […]
Jan 13, 2012
  QUI allows you to share via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ your location to a friend. Use your GPS to get your location and share it via a SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Your friend will receive a link to a web page with your location on a map. GPS and Network […]
Dec 26, 2011
    With this post I will have finally made my 10,000th tweet on Twitter. Now I know that may not sound like a really big figure. Its probably REALLY small compared to some other Twitter users but for me, its huge.     Why ? Over the last few years i've always tried to […]
Dec 16, 2011
    PORTLAND, OR, United States – As readers may know, I’ve been using the Nokia N9 for the better part of four weeks. I found the out of the box experience on the N9 to be very adequate with native support for Skype, Twitter, my numerous email accounts and even Flickr, all on board. […]

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