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Mar 10, 2014
  The codenamed "Obsidian" User Interface (UI) for Tizen smartphone was developed by Intel and subsequently leaked in June 2013. Now there has emerged another video showing a more mature […]
Dec 18, 2013
  Our friends at Sammy Today got an exclusive sneak peek at a new User Interface, that looks quite different and dare we say it "Fresh". Above we have a […]
Mar 13, 2012
    Officially nothing was announced from Mobile World Congress (MWC) about Tizen but there was a invite only event where devices were shown and it look like the guys […]
Mar 13, 2012
    Officially nothing was announced from Mobile World Congress (MWC) about Tizen but there was a invite only event where devices were shown and it look like the guys […]
Oct 6, 2011
    Here we have Lipstick which is a QML toolkit "of sorts" for making compelling user interfaces for devices easily. It is written in Qt and uses QML for […]
Sep 26, 2011
  Here is a what a new MeeGo Handset design might look like according to this MockUp by LinuxBird:     UPDATE: Heres another MockUp done that better explains the […]
Sep 22, 2011
Switch Automation has developed a user interface for the MeeGo platform. Demonstrated here are 2 Evolve III tablet with Intel Oak trail Atom process. The MeeGo UI is control the […]
Sep 21, 2011
GNOME desktop environment uses Unity as a graphical shell. However, Unity was initially developed by Canonical Ltd. for its Ubuntu operating system. The Ubuntu 10.10 notebook edition was the first to receive Unity. Actually, the limited […]
Jul 17, 2011
Heres a Video demo by the guys at techgeek of the swiping action of the Nokia N9. If you swipe down on an application it Kills the App, swipe ip […]
Jun 21, 2011
  Nokia Marketing Manager Jussi Mäkinen talks us through the user interface of the Nokia N9, something that he describes as "smooth as velvet". I love the way the slow […]
May 29, 2011
  BasysKom showed off their much talked about new User Interface (UI) Plasma Active at MeeGo Conference San Francisco 2011. The UI has been created in only in a matter […]
Apr 23, 2011
  What MeegGo event would be complete without Justin Noel from ICS showing us his In Vehicle Demonstration ? NONE. We initially bumped Justin at the first ever MeeGo Conference […]
Apr 17, 2011
  Another day and another demonstration of how quick User Interfaces (UI) can be developed with QML. This time its Nomovok showing a QML User Interface running on the Wetab […]
Mar 18, 2011
Fresh on the heals of our MeeGo Tablet UI Concept post, our friends at Intelloware have coded together another Concept User Interface. On the left hand side we have Latest, […]
Mar 15, 2011
Simply termed as "Some ideas of the conceptual MeeGo UI", below are some pictures of how J&K Design see this vision pertaining to the MeeGo tablet User Interface (UI): Sometimes […]
Jan 25, 2011
Peregrine, the open source communication client for MeeGo today have updated their community site and wiki page and also released the QML User Interface (UI). Below is a YouTube clip […]
Dec 5, 2010
Another day and luckily another User Interface that's being developed for MeeGo. Similar to the Bubbles Interface that we showed by Digia, this one takes the concept a tad further. […]
Nov 5, 2010
TAT is a Swedish software technology and design company based in Sweden with local offices in Korea and USA. They specialise in Mobile device User Interfaces (UI) and currently mobile […]

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