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Jan 12, 2018
Verizon, one of the big mobile and data wireless carriers in the US, is currently rolling out a new software update for the Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier smartwatches. The updates are for Tizen and, from the feedback we've received, it looks like the updates also contain the recent battery bug fix that was […]
Sep 25, 2017
At the IFA 2017, Samsung launched the Gear Fit2 Pro amongst other fitness and tech devices. The launch of this device has triggered the plummet in the price of its predecessor, Gear Fit2. It is important to note that the Gear Fit2 Pro is not very different from the Gear Fit2 which is now on sale for $89.99, […]
Jun 23, 2017
Samsung Gear S2 is a Tizen-based smartwatch whose popularity is due to its stylish/ functional design and “smart” features. Verizon is currently offering a refurbished rubber band version of Samsung Gear S2 for only $119.95. Remember that the regular price of this smartwatch is $359.99.     Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch is built with the latest wearable […]
Jun 9, 2017
In recent times, smartwatch technology has developed such that a watch can be a smartphone companion and it can perform most of the functions of the smartphone independently.  Samsung is right on top of its game in the smartwatch industry and has unveiled different versions of smartwatches.  It released the Gear S3 smartwatch in November […]
May 2, 2017
Oh, Verizon. Deemed "the Cadillac of carriers" in the US, Big Red is the source of much admiration by customers who take advantage of its network. And yet, despite Verizon's network reach, the carrier has gained a reputation for removing features from Samsung Galaxy smartphones (such as Write on PDF, Download Booster, Samsung's own web […]
Aug 6, 2016
  Gear Fit2 at Verizon Samsung initially unveiled its latest fitness tracking wearable device about two months go. Its time to do do more with your watch than letting it tell you the time. The Gear Fit2 updates you to all the fitness information you need at a glance is now available at Verizon stores […]
Nov 11, 2014
  In the US, the network Verizon Wireless were the last ones to announce their prices for the Tizen based Samsung Gear S, behind AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Their pricing structure seemed a little confusing for some people, including me. Check out the image below to see what they are looking at:     So […]
Nov 8, 2014
  US Linux enthusiasts should rejoice today as the Tizen based Samsung Gear S is officially available to purchase in the US right now. The Gear S is a Smartwatch that contains a Linux Tizen stack, and also has integrated cellular and modem 3G data capabilities with its built in SIM Card.   ATT have […]
Oct 30, 2014
  Samsung have announced today that they will be making the Tizen based Samsung Gear S available in the U.S. beginning next Friday, November 7. The Gear S brings the functionality of a Smartphone to your wrist with its integrated 3G radio, which can make calls but can also connect to 3G data. The Gear […]

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