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Feb 23, 2015
  Have you got a Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo or Samsung Z1 ? Well this week we have some special wallpapers that our readers in India, […]
Feb 18, 2015
  Have you got a Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo or Samsung Z1 ? Does it need some bling in terms of wallpapers / backgrounds? If you […]
Feb 10, 2015
  Yesterday we released some Indian themed wallpapers / backgrounds and we promised that an Installment of Bangladesh themed wallpapers would be released the next day. Well, we always like […]
Feb 9, 2015
  We hope all our Samsung Z1 readers from India are enjoying the wallpapers that we have for you, and today we present you with a special installment of Indian […]
Feb 2, 2015
  Good morning to you all. The #TizenExperts team has been busy at FOSDEM 2015 this weekend, and it was great meeting up with everyone. Whilst we collect our thoughts […]
Jan 26, 2015
  Are you ready for another assault of wallpapers for ALL Samsung Tizen Smart devices (not cameras) ??? What we are talking here is Smart watches which includes the Galaxy […]
Jan 21, 2015
  We now have the Tizen based Samsung Z1 Smartphone part of our community of devices, so here are wallpapers for ALL Samsung Tizen Smart devices (not cameras), that means […]
Jan 8, 2015
  This might be a bit late, but its here is the year 2015's first Wallpapers / Backgrounds Installment. Now normally we do separate releases for Samsung Gear S and […]
Dec 25, 2014
  We hope you are having a joyful and fun filled festive christmas, so here are some Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Neo Backgrounds that will make you feel […]
Dec 24, 2014
  It is the season of festivities and good will, so therefore we have prepared a special collection of our Samsung Gear S backgrounds / wallpapers JUST FOR YOU to […]
Dec 23, 2014
  We have another set of Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Neo Backgrounds for you, in fact, this is Volume 32 and possibly we might have volume 33 for […]
Dec 15, 2014
  With so much technology around us, its good to get back to nature on our Tizen based Samsung Gear S Smart Watch, and here are some specially and also […]
Dec 12, 2014
  Here is something to cheer up your Friday, some Samsung Gear 2 / Neo Backgrounds. We present you with volume 31 of our special wallpapers / backgrounds so you […]
Dec 3, 2014
  The Samsung Gear S is a fantastic Smartwatch with it being water resistant, built in 3G modem and a fantastic Super AMOLED screen, what else does it need? Yes, […]
Nov 24, 2014
  We've already published Wallpapers / Backgrounds for the Samsung Gear 2 today, and now it's time for Samsung Gear S Smartwatch users to get their own installment of custom […]
Nov 24, 2014
  We've had lots of news about the Samsung Gear S, but that doesn't mean we have forgotten about our Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Galaxy Gear / Neo readers. […]
Nov 19, 2014
  Now that you've got your Tizen Samsung Gear S, you definitely need to sprinkle a little bit of extra goodness on it in the form of Wallpapers / Backgrounds. […]
Nov 7, 2014
  Many of our readers have got their very own Tizen based Samsung Gear S Smartwatches. Now what do you want next on that lovely 2" Super AMOLED Screen? You […]
Oct 15, 2014
  As news spreads of the global release of the Tizen Samsung Gear S, we now present you with Volume 4 of the Gear S wallpapers / backgrounds for your […]
Oct 13, 2014
  Happy Monday to our Readers and Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Neo and Galaxy Smartwatch owners. Lets start the week with a Tizen collection of some great wallpapers, including […]

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