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Dec 18, 2017
Doing the laundry might not be your favourite chore, but it just made its way to the headlines. Samsung's groundbreaking 3 minutes 22 seconds washing machine commercial aired in the United Kingdom in November now has a follow-up. The movie has the same subject as the commercial. The Feature Film: Washing Machine will take you […]
Nov 28, 2017
When last did you use a washing machine? Do you know your washing machine's brand? I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to spare studying my washing machine's brand. So, while I have been living my life with no care about washing machines expect to well, get my clothes clean, Samsung […]
Mar 22, 2016
During Samsung China Forum held on March 2 in Shanghai, Samsung unveiled a TV that has QQ messenger pre-loaded on the TV. To those unaware, QQ messenger owned by Tencent is one of China's most popular messenger with over a 500 million active users. Samsung's new TV will let users chat and exchange media with others. […]
Aug 14, 2014
  Samsung do have some lovely devices, and one of the newer ones is their lovely looking Tizen based washing machine (WW9000), so this is your chance to read up on it and also you can Win £5,000 worth of vouchers to spend in the world famous John Lewis department store. How to enter? Simply […]
Jun 13, 2014
  Tizen is being heralded as the "OS of Everything", and you can really see it in action on the Samsung Gear 2, Smart camera's, and Smart TV's . We have previously mentioned the Tizen based Samsung WW9000 washing machine, but here are some more details regarding some of its features. Use the touch screen […]
May 13, 2014
  We previously reported on the Samsung WW9000 Washing machine, and the fact that it is most likely running the Tizen Operating System, considering the efforts that Samsung are making on the smart home front. The Samsung WW9000 has a swipe, gesture based User Interface, just like your smartphone, and allows you to access different […]
Apr 25, 2014
  Samsung has recently announced a new washing machine. Thats doesn't sound too interesting on its own until you mention the fact that its a Smart washing machine, which is most likely Tizen based, considering Samsung's efforts for a Smart home, and Tizen being quite central to this. On the front panel of the Samsung […]

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