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Sep 19, 2016
Gear S2 3D Watch face Giveaway LuxuryWatches has made a special edition 3D Tizen Experts watch face and is giving away copies of it for FREE to our readers. This new 3D looking watch face has been made specifically for the Gear S2, and it should work with the Gear S3 once it releases in […]
Sep 8, 2016
Today, the Samsung Gear Watch Designer software has been updated to add support for the recently launched Gear S3 smartwatch. Just in case you didn't know this bit of software is Samsung’s tool for creating your own watchfaces. The supported devices include the Gear S, S2, S3, and Fit2 smartwatches. The update is for both […]
Aug 27, 2016
  Gear S2 3D Watchface Giveaway We've got some excellent news this morning as Popular watchface maker Luxury Watches is giving away 100 copies of their Silver Blue Power watch face !!! The watch designer has created some new and innovative watchfaces for the Gear S2 which look 3D by using some special effects. The […]
Aug 11, 2016
  Watchface designers have been bringing out some really cool designs to smartwatches like the Gear S2. The coolness however is short-lived as most of these watchfaces fail to mimic a real watch's dial since they lack the 3D depth. Popular watchface maker, Luxury Watches has now come up with some interesting new 3D watchfaces […]
Jun 27, 2016
  WatchMaster features a collection of 200+ high quality and unique watch face designs that up to now have been available for Android wear devices, but have now finally been released for the Tizen based Gear S2. The company has many capable designers, such as Liongate, Pluto, Excalibur and Monostone that create a wide variety […]
Jan 6, 2016
  Gear Watch Designer The Gear Watch Designer has been released and it enables watch designers or developers, depending on what you want to be called, to design, produce and distribute Watch Faces without the complexity of code scripting! This tool is however aimed at Semi/Pro Designers, but talented beginners can pull off some Impressive […]
Feb 6, 2015
  AKTIF is a new Watch Face for Samsung Smart watches that has extra features such as custom themes (stores up to 6 different sets), special UX for notifications, clean & simple battery level info, custom text labelling.     Description Extra features Customizable text (you can change the title to anything with the built-in […]
Jan 10, 2015
  Time to enter the Matrix Belvik, the company behind quite a few Interesting / Exciting watch face has enter another phase or entered the matrix should I say with their new face for the Tizen Samsung Gear S. This amazing matrix face offers shortcuts for quick access to the three most used apps on […]
Dec 24, 2014
  The Santa animated clock It looks like the guys at Belvek are really in a festive mood with their release of a Winking Santa Animated clock for the Samsung Gear S. The idea is every time you look at for the time little Santa will give you a quick wink!!! You also get some […]
Dec 15, 2014
  If you want to totally get into the festive spirit then maybe some animated Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Neo / S watch faces might do the trick? "Feel the Christmas spirit every time you look at the time! With cool and smooth snow falling animation, this watch will help you feel the Chrismas […]
Dec 10, 2014
  If you like your Smartwatch face to be BIG, then your in luck. They guys over at Belvek have created a watch face for the Samsung Gear 2 that it promises will really stand out at night !   "Take a BIG look at this new cool glowing clock. See the time with ease […]
Oct 10, 2014
The guys over at Belvek have been busy with lots of innovative watch faces for the Tizen Gear 2 / Galaxy range, and here we have a few that stand out from the crowd. There are 3 to take your pick from:   video Cool Animated numbers clock for Gear 2 / Neo Halloween watchface […]
Sep 23, 2014
  We reports a few weeks ago that Yotta clock face had been submitted to the Samsung App Store, well now we are pleased to announce it is on sale !!! Since then it has had a couple of updates with version 1.0.4 now being available.     The Yotta clock face is a Interesting […]
Sep 1, 2014
  Since the Gear 2 was released there has been a gradual influx of Tizen Gear 2 watch clock faces over the last month. Here we have the initial release of the Yotta Gear watch face, which at first glance looks like a little bit unorthodox, a blast from the LCD casio display past, but […]
Aug 20, 2014
  Trendie Watch is a Tizen Samsung Gear 2 application that allows you to design clock watch faces for your new "Trendie" Smartwatch (Sorry, I couldn't resist) The promise of the application is to give you complete freedom to create your personalized watch face. The application let's you utilise standard analogue type clock faces, as […]
May 13, 2014
  The Tizen Multi Watch App hit the Samsung Apps Store with version 1.0, and soon after version 2.0 has been submitted by the developer to the Samsung Apps Store. The Interesting selling point of Multi watch is that you can actually edit the clock face on the Tizen Gear 2 Smartwatch itself, and build […]
May 1, 2014
  Yesterday we had a version of Watch styler released that was compatible with the Tizen Gear 2, and is downloadable from the Samsung Apps Store. It comes with a few clock faces and lets you make your own themes as well. As an added bonus you are able to load your own themes, but […]
Apr 30, 2014
  Watch Styler is an application that has been created by Omnitel utilities, and is now available to download from the Samsung Apps Store, for your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch. As the name suggests, you are able to create your own custom clock faces for the Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo, and […]
Apr 29, 2014
  XDA Developer klwinkel has been one of the first developers creating clock watches for the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 watches, and has now submitted something quite Interesting to the Samsung Apps Store. Multi Watch is a Samsung Gear watch that you can edit/configure on the Gear 2 itself. You have the ability to not […]

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