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Jun 12, 2019
Apple has just published a brand new iCloud for Windows app in the Microsoft Store. The new app is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, and should resolve most of the issues from the previous versions. Interestingly, the new iCloud app will use the same technology as Microsoft OneDrive's On-Demand feature. Apple's iCloud is home to […]
Apr 29, 2019
Windows 10, as you may know, has a feature where you can link an Android phone to a Windows PC so that your phone's notifications gets sent to your PC. You can also see the pictures from your phone, drag and drop files between your computer and your phone, send and receive messages, or ever […]
Oct 2, 2018
Google's long-rumored to launch the 2nd-gen Pixelbook at the “Made By Google” event on October 9. Nowadays before the event, we have an actual name for the upcoming device: Google Pixel Slate. Tech journalist David Ruddock revealed the name via Twitter, citing a trustworthy source.   Google Pixel Slate Google has been working on a detachable Chromebook under the […]
Aug 14, 2018
A number of Chromebooks may very soon be able to run Windows 10 OFFICIALLY. Earlier this year, it was reported that Google is working on a project called "AltOS" which would allow its Pixelbook to install and run Windows. Now, a new feature, called Campfire, seems to be able to deliver proper dual-boot support for many […]
Jun 26, 2018
The fact that Qualcomm is working on a new chipset for more powerful Windows 10 machines is no longer a secret. Last month, German tech site WinFuture published an extensive report on a new generation of Qualcomm chips, internally named SDM1000. Now they have dropped more details about the chip, possibly Snapdragon 1000, and it suggests to be a big-big upgrade. […]
Jun 21, 2018
Google is putting a lot of effort to close down the feature gap between Chrome OS and more traditional Operating Systems. The web giant is adding one after another feature to the OS, making it more suited for a wider range of working environments with each passing day. Chrome OS recently got updated to version […]
May 15, 2018
Microsoft's ill-fated venture of Lumia smartphones is long gone now. However, if you're one of those few to still have hold on the company's last phone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, you might just have something exciting to read below. Yes, you can now turn your antique phone into a full-fledged PC. Read on...   […]
Apr 19, 2018
As we drive towards a connected world, where everything connects to the internet, we are witnessing more security nightmares as well. There are millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which remain online permanently bur hardly get any maintenance. With these devices becoming a gateway to our homes, workplaces, and sensitive data, they also become targets […]
Apr 18, 2018
The Samsung Flow app was launched back in 2015, with an aim to allow users to connect with Samsung devices seamlessly. Initially launched as a Samsung Galaxy exclusive, the app has subsequently been opened up for Windows as well. The app can already let you unlock your Windows 10 PCs with your phone, sync notifications and content […]
Jan 9, 2018
The war of the consumer AI assistants has already set foot in 2018 with a bang and its Amazon's Alexa creating all the noises. What started off as a cute little voice assistant in Amazon's cylindrical shaped speakers is all set to explore new devices in 2018. This was bound to happen as Alexa had already […]
Dec 19, 2017
Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi have joined the bandwagon of Windows 10 ARM laptops powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors. The two companies join HP, Asus and Lenovo, who are already working on Snapdragon-powered Windows PC. Samsung mainly focuses on its smartphone lineups and is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. The company […]
Nov 10, 2017
Looking for PC-on-a-stick? Chinese PC makers have one that could be just perfect for you. At the beginning of the year, they started making these computer models which have Intel Apollo Lake processors. Appears CA98 is the cheapest of any of the models with an Apollo Lake chip. It goes for $100 on AliExpress which is […]
Apr 14, 2016
  React Native is a fast growing JavaScript framework which enables developers to create cross-platform apps. At its recent F8 developer conference, Facebook announced that React Native support is coming to major operating systems as an open source project. The SDK has already been made available for iOS and Android developers. Samsung are currently working […]

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