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Jun 25, 2014
  The Samsung Developer Workshop came to London UK last week, and Anna Schaller (Sr. Manager, Developer Relations) and Wei Xiao (Technical Evangelist, Developer Relations) went through what it takes […]
Mar 17, 2013
  This is a work in progress client for on the N9/N950/N900 phones. I wanted to share what is already done because I'll focus on some other projects the […]
Jun 13, 2012
  This Article was Originally posted at Maemo.Org I've been working on a Google Reader App for the N9 written in QML/Javascript. It still has rough edges but I use […]
Mar 16, 2012
  For a short while I slowed down some of the work on MeeGoExperts and I think about that time some work started on the WhatsApp port for MeeGo Harmattan […]
Dec 15, 2011
    If your a MeeGo fan then you have obviously warmed up to the possibilities of Mer and totally understand that Mer needs to be on as many devices […]
Oct 1, 2011
This Atricle Is From Maemo.Org I'm working on a Harmattan (N9) Style Transitions.ini file for N900 Maemo5, below are the screenshots of what has been changed (similar to N9), and […]

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