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Aug 15, 2014
  Tizen Developer Conference sponsors were generous this year by offering to the attendees two tizen devices, the 1st one was Samsung’s gear 2 Smartwatch and the second one was […]
Nov 22, 2011
Article from Sage’s Technology Blog: It has been a while when I posted anything about my Pandaboard+MeeGo+XBMC HTPC project, this "pause" has been mainly because of lack of time. Now […]
Aug 24, 2011
  "Things will never be the same again" As we have reported previously, the guys at Compulab have joined some of the MeeGo Developer faithful on a quest to get […]
Aug 1, 2011
  Looking for something MeeGo TV related thats better than Sex ? Well, If such a thing exists then here it is for you. The following is the first look […]
Jul 28, 2011
  "Looking sweet" is the words that come to mind. So this is the plan, Check out this YouTube video below to see what an Excellent job Milot has done […]
May 28, 2011
  A well overdue meeting took place at MeeGo Conference in San Francisco. Intel & Nokia ? Elop ? No ... me and BrenDan Le Foll (@madeouk). Brendan is responsible […]
Mar 16, 2011
Here is a demo of XBMC running on MeeGo 1.2 beta OS's on both ARM and Intel based architecture, namely being the Nokia N900 and the Lenovo idea pad. Nokia […]

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