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Dec 26, 2017
Another year has passed, and the Tizen smartphone ecosystem has thankfully made a slight progress, at least in terms of good quality apps. After the introduction of Tizen Mobile App Incentive program, We did see a number of good quality apps being added in the Tizen Store every month. Today, we list the 15 best apps […]
Jul 18, 2017
Since the official launch of the native Xender app, more apps are being developed specifically for the Tizen OS. This is an indication of the growing popularity of the Tizen OS, especially among the developer community. Samsung has since launched budget friendly Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and the current Z4)  which are already […]
Jun 22, 2017
Samsung has partnered with popular file transfer app Xender to produce a native Tizen version of the Xender app. This collaboration will give users a suitable platform to transfer files over short distances. Officially, the Tizen version of Xender app was unveiled on the 8th of May and it can be downloaded from Tizen store. This app was ranked […]
May 9, 2017
Super dynamic file sharing app Xender first became available on the Tizen Store in October last year to the delight of many Tizen mobile users. All this while that the app has been on the Tizen Store, it has been available as an ACL-compatible version of the app. This means that it wasn't custom built for the Tizen […]
Jan 11, 2017
Last year UC Browser, UC Mini Browser, Xender & ShareIt most popular apps were added to Tizen Store by Openmobile World Wide Inc. Those apps are running on Tizen smartphones by their popular app ACL for Tizen. Today, they added an another app to Tizen Store named UC News - Trending News, copyright of UC […]
Oct 6, 2016
Many of our readers have been waiting for Xender, a file transfer & sharing app, to be released on the Tizen Store and today it finally has. Do you need to transfer a file between mobile phones or between your phone and the pc? This is what Xender is designed to do and it does […]

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