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Dec 15, 2011
Microsoft has announced public access to the Windows Live Messenger network via the open-standard XMPP protocol. “This means that anyone can build innovative messaging clients—either stand-alone or built into their […]
Sep 10, 2011
XMPP means Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. This is an open technology which enables one to communicate in real-time. The base format for exchanging information is Extensible Markup Language (XML). Generally, XMPP […]
Jul 31, 2011
  Ever thought of being brave and programming your own Jabberbot ? Me neither, but read on and possibly we can all get inspired: Programming your own Jabber bot can […]
Mar 24, 2011
Peregrine 0.7 Beta 1 is now available in peregrines Repositories. This is a fully MeeGo 1.2 compliant app with new features like adding and deleting identities, orientation support on handset, huge […]

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